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Sunday Morning Derpy Feature: Pixar’s Featurette – Borrowed Time


And now for something completely different.

While we have been called the “Mtv” of pony media, due to the fact we branched out beyond the colorful equines, our only real reason for doing so is the fact this site was started by a bunch of animation fans who generally enjoy animated flicks from television shows, to movies, to fan films.  I would personally call myself a general animation fan due to the fact that I do not exactly pay close attention to the animation industry.  I’ve watched plenty of it, was that one ‘stoner’ eons ago who caught the premiere of Adult Swim’s original shows airing unannounced at 4am on Cartoon Network.  As someone born in the early 80s, I got to ride that now very classic wave of cartoons, from the Saturday Morning shows like He-Man, Voltron, Transformers, Thundercats, My Little Pony and then advancing to the Disney Afternoon after its inception.  I say general as one of the big draws to Friendship is Magic from many people in the pony community was the fact such industrial names as Lauren Faust & Rob Renzetti were attached to the show.  I fell into the void thanks to nostalgia, as I watched the show and had the toys as a kid.  But enough about me.

Earlier in the year we had a featurette dubbed Piper, about a Piper chick learning about life along the coastline.  In line with much of Pixar’s content, it was emotionally filled and light hearted.  And while the studio has experimented with some dark concepts within their movie franchises, Their new featurette was created to show that animation can be dark and gritty, but not in that emo Hot Topic way.

Borrowed Time is the short story about a Sheriff and his son in the old west, and a life changing event.  Clocking in at 6 minutes and 45 seconds total, like anything Pixar produces, you might want to be prepared for some feels, and possibly a tear.  Unlike other features and featurettes from Pixar, the story covers some really dark subjects in a mostly visual story.  A few words are spoken in it, but for the most part it is pure eye candy.

The darkness of the short film was one of the main points of it.  Its creators wanted to show the general media world that not all animation has to be aimed at ‘kids’, but that animation could tell a really good story.  While most fans know that, the fat executives think otherwise, though are now just slowly coming around to it in many established places.  Watch this feature, its practically better than anything mainstream Hollywood has crapped out.  Don’t worry though, I’m sure they’ll reboot this short story in another 5 years and change a few things.

Since I’m a fan of telling people to go form their own opinions, do not consider this a review.  Just a ‘hey check it out’ deal.  Directly below is the featurette, and a behind the scenes clip from its creators.


Steven Universe – Rough Drawings Of Rose “Lion 3”

Art By Rebecca Sugar

Art By Rebecca Sugar

Hey SU Fans, Rebecca Sugar, show creator,  just posted on her personal tumblr a sweet treat for anyone who’s a fan of Rose.

“Rough drawings for Rose’s message to Steven in Lion 3! I collaborated with Joe Johnston on this scene.

Originally we had planned for Greg to be filming Rose. Joe and Jeff Liu pitched the idea of Rose filming Greg instead, because she was so fascinated by him, and so in love with him. It was such a beautiful thought, I’m still dizzy about it. “

Production Works For “The Love God”


Art By Paul Tsui & Janine Chang

Art By Paul Tsui & Janine Chang

Paul Tsui shares his paint and color direction works for Gravity Falls; “The Love God.” You can see them here after the break, or check out Paul Tsui’s personal tumblr for even more of his production work.

I really liked how the color scheme came out for this episode!

colors designed to make gooey inside.

painted by me, designed and drawn by Janine Chang (I THINK)

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Haunted House – And Other Stories Halloween Review Special


Happy Ask Strangers for Candy Day. The one day a year where you show your bank account, creativity and other *ahem* things using the costume on your back. It is a day of spooks and frights. It is a day to further fuel this country’s childhood obesity problem, but enough about that. I am the music critic, not cultural analyst. On this Nightmare Night I thought I’d have a Halloween special of my own. Instead of some overlong skit, a pretty picture, a grimdark fanfic, or a hastily put together album, have a song by song analysis of Aviators album Haunted House- And Other Stories.

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Post-it Drawings by Eddie Trigueros

Pilot by Eddie Trigueros

Under the title “Let me dust off this blog,” Eddie Trigueros, director on Wander Over Yonder, has posted his “most recent dumb post it drawings.” I’m not sure what he means by “dumb,” but some of them are not on Post-its either. They are certainly somewhat off model—by which I just mean that the “CMCC” fringes are not clearly readable. Enjoy!

You may also want to reread what David Gemmill had to say about Eddie Trigueros.

“The Troll” Exploratory Designs and Concept Art

The first concept art—or design exploration—for “The Troll” has been been posted by Joe Pitt, character designer on the show, even lead character designer for part of the season.

More concept art is typically revealed after the premiere of the episode, so check back here when it has aired.

Update: Eeyup, here we go! Bryan Arnett has published his accustomed set of concept art. Enjoy! (Now also on Tumblr for you to reblog.)

“The Bad Guy” Character Designs and Concept Art

This time it’s not Bryan Arnett who posts the first concept art of the upcoming episode but Joe Pitt! I’m looking forward to more such insights after the premiere, and I will add them in this post.

On the above image Joe Pitt commented:

I haven’t posted much of my design work from “Wander Over Yonder,” so here’s some bad guys that were fun to design from this Friday’s episode.

Tonight Bryan Arnett also posted some of his designs on Tumblr; find them below.

Wander with a mustache model sheet.

And even more, only hours before the episode!

Dan’s Gang from The Bad Guy. One of my favorite episodes of the season to work on! Looking forward to watching later on tonight!

And more beautiful images after the episode, courtesy Bryan Arnett. Here a bit of explanation about the zbornakorns:

Another scene that was from The Bad Guy. Was supposed to be male Zbornaks but the scene was cut before it could be approved.