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Artwork Aftershock – Sleepless in Ponyville & Magic Duel

Time for another edition of Artwork Aftershock. Seems these are going to run as double episodes since the artwork output has been somewhat slacking per episode. Of course though many of the college bound artists are currently playing the fun games that is winter finals. Also if you’d like to submit artwork, hit up DHN’s submit address, all we need is a link to the page its posted on, if not then send the image. Art after the page break.

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DHN Reviews – Sleepless in Ponyville

Just the Two of Us
by *johnjoseco

Time for the episode review, this week Ryan is flying solo with it, don’t abuse him too much. Artwork Aftershock and maybe some BGMs by tomorrow. Episode review after the page break.

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Artwork Aftershock – s3e03: Too Many Pinkie Pies & s3e04: One Bad Apple

Last weeks Artwork Aftershock kind of got lost in the Turkey Day shuffle, along side there wasn’t a huge explosion of Pinkie Pie pictures, not compared to this week with Babs Seed and the CMCs. Gallery after the page break.

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Artwork Aftershock – The Crystal Empire

King Sombrero
by *PixelKitties

To refresh memories, Artwork Aftershock is part of our episode series of posts, in short its an image gallery of artwork that I’ve come across related to the episode. I’m going to be aiming to have this article go up on Fridays so artists have enough time to do their magic. One mistake this week as the ‘link’ images reverted from the fav.me from DeviantArt back to the local addresses, my apologies to the artists. Gallery after the page break.

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Season Finale: Artwork Aftershock

MLP FiM S2 Character Cluster-fun by ~Blue-Paint-Sea

The above was whipped up with the general idea of the official Comic Con poster that got passed around last year. So this will be the obvious last Artwork Aftershock for the season. This one shall be dubbed the mega post, as there are 75+ images in the gallery behind the page break, all from A Canterlot Wedding. Enjoy.

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Artwork Aftershock #11 – MMMMystery on the Ponyville Express

Sherlock Pinkie by ~otlstory

We’ve missed out on a few of these, though sometimes there just isn’t that much art made about the episode. MMMystery on the Ponyville Express though, everyone had to get in on those hats. Its a touch depressing to know this is the second to last Aftershock before it gets shoved away in a closet like old Xmas decorations, but such is life. As said, my motto for everyone this summer is go outside, and enjoy it, and keep in mind if the Mayans are correct, the world ends in December. And now, some art after the page break.

FYI if you looked earlier and there was no pictures, that’s because there was no pictures. This is what happens when you’re making posts at 5am in the morning. We now have pictures.

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Artwork Aftershock #10 – Hurricane Fluttershy


Star for the week, Steroid Pony. I’ve seen a billion names but as I said before, he shall be dubbed Steroid Pony here. Along with this weeks episode gallery we have a speed paint video of someone drawing our favorite small winged pegasus.

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