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MLPBox Subscription Box – A DHN Review


“I think they used to have these in the 50s…” (Editor in Chief, DHN)

Once in a blue moon someone will make a wrong turn in the Poniverse and end up on the abandon highway where our Bates Motel like organization exists, offering promotional material for review or even advertising money in hopes to escape.  They never do.

The month of April kicked off a new service being provided by Brony.com, a site which sells officially licensed My Little Pony merchandise, the MLP Box.  I’m sure everyone and has seen the recent trend in the past year of monthly box subscriptions, my wife has pointed out many.  So it in the fandom that creates everything for itself, it was bound to happen.

MLPBox.com offers a monthly subscription box (bag) for $9.99 per month (plus shipping roughly $4 us or $8+ international) which features several MLP items.  Like any other box service, you pay the monthly fee, get some random items, and can cancel it anytime.

So naturally we received one of April’s boxes for review.  While I wish I had a good camera and some better lighting, unfortunately I present cell pics on a desk that is probably older than most people reading this.


The subscription comes in a nice sealed bag with the MLPBox logo on it.  Inside was another sealed bubble pop bag which contained the three items for April.  A T-shirt, a set of Rainbow Dash ear buds, and an Rainbow Dash pin.


And that’s pretty much it.  The shirt was a heavy cotton from We Love Fine stock, the ear buds I didn’t bother testing as that along with the pin will be shipped off to a niece who enjoys the colorful equines and the shirt donated to the wife for bed.  My only complaint is there should have been some sort of figure (blind bag etc) in there, guess you really can’t complain for $9.99.