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Queen Chrysalis Revealed for Canterlot Nights


Awww, such an adorable villain.

As many expected, the Changeling Queen has been revealed by the MLP CCG Twitter as the big villain for Canterlot Nights. She hides some pretty big effect to change your mind about how you faceoff against her. Join us after the break to see how she plans to become queen over the problem deck.

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Card Spoilers? Eeyup.



A stallion of few words, there are not many with more physical power than Big Macintosh. And there are even fewer more devoted to family. And the newly spoiled card reflects that perfectly. A heavy slugger who meshes well with his beloved sister and can turn tides in battle through sheer force. More info after the break.

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New Yellow Mane Is Timidly Revealed

Oh my, I'm just happy to be included

Oh my, I’m just happy to be included

Well, another Mane Character has popped up, thanks to the Game Dev’s twitter. This time, it’s our favorite little shy, yellow pony. Yes it’s Fluttershy, and believe me, her bite is MUCH worse than her bark. Details and a bit of analysis after the break.

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Gala Pinkie Mane, and A Fun New Friend Revealed for Canterlot Nights

I hope you're ready to party

I hope you’re ready to party

I hope you’re all ready to party hard, or go home. The new Pinkie Pie Mane Character card for Canterlot Nights is here, bringing with her all the fun and joy you’d expect. After the break we’ll have a quick rundown of the card, and my personal opinions on it.

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New Rainbow Dash Mane from Canterlot Nights

Spoilers for Rainbow Dash? Yes, please!

A new spoiler dropped from the MLP CCG Twitter today revealing a new Mane for a certain somepony! After the break, we’ll take a look at her and see what interesting plays she might bring. Read more →

So Many AMA Spoilers for Canterlot Nights


We got so many spoilers, right Rarity?

Oh my pony card fans, we got awesome spoilers from the Reddit AMA! Hurry up and join us after the break because you don’t want to miss these additions, promise. They might include the pre-release promos.

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Applejack Spoiler for Canterlot Nights

Applejack, Element of Honesty


Equestria Daily has brought us a wonderful spoil (on what I learned was Earth Day) for our lovable, farm tilling, apple bucking, earth pony, Applejack. We’ll look into our new Element wearer and what she brings after the break.

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