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Charity Album: Seeds of Kindness: Building Bridges

Bronies for Good is pleased to announce its fifth Seeds of Kindness charity album, Building Bridges. Musicians, heed our call!

Over the years, Bronies for Good has raised over $200,000 for various impactful charity projects, thanks to the creative contributions of the fandom’s many talented musicians and artists, and the generosity of thousands of fans who want to make the world a better place.

Our new fundraiser will launch in November, along with the album, and all funds will benefit the highly effective prevention program of the Against Malaria Foundation.

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Bound Together Comic Art Anthology Bound for Presses

Bound Together

Good news to those who love art, comics, and helpfulness—Bound Together is off to the presses and will be in your hands in a few short weeks.

Bound Together is our original charity comic and art anthology, enjoyable for readers of all ages. Top quality artists in the fandom collaborated on this high-quality, full-color, and professionally printed book featuring 52 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces: KefkaFloyd (project director), Adlynh, Bakertoons, Centchi, Emberwisp, fxcellent, Jowybean, Leekfish, Muffinshire, Pasteur, Ponywise, Sofas And Quills, Spectralunicorn, Starry Night, and Steve Holt! While PixelKitties had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts, she sends her earnest support for the project and we brought on additional artists like Emberwisp, Centchi, and fxcellent to help make the book even better.

Some artists have already posted samples of their contributions, which you can see here. That’s just a taste, as you can only see all of the comics and artwork by donating for the book.

True to its theme of teamwork and togetherness, all buyers are also collaborators on our joint effort to combat malaria. The revenue generated by Bound Together goes towards the Against Malaria Foundation’s outstanding prevention program. Each copy of Bound Together helps provide multiple insecticide-coated nets to thwart the spread of malaria.

In fact, the donations from preorders have already exceeded the printing costs, and the project is currently generating positive revenue for the charity. We have 30 remaining preorder slots, and all preorders will ship in April. We’d like to give a sincere thanks to everyone who preordered the book, as without your generous contributions this project would never have been printed. Couldn’t preorder? Don’t worry—the book will be available at various conventions across the globe. The book will debut at BABSCon, with other conventions such as BronyCon, TrotCon, GalaCon, Brony Fair, Czequestria, and more to come.

Already donated to the project? Please consider making an additional donation directly to our Seeds of Kindness fundraiser!

Stay Brony My Friend – Charity – Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta


This week we have several things to cover. Go grab a cider and get comfortable.

First, due to the shutdown of the Everfree Network, we’ve moved to a new site. You can find our live shows, still at 5pm Pacific every other Monday, at Canterlot Hill, our old shows are still at the Everfree YouTube site, but we aren’t sure whether that’s going to be going away or not. We are uploading all of the old shows to Dusty’s own YouTube page at dustykatt’s Channel – YouTube, and that’s also where the new shows will go.

Second, we are sad to announce the passing away of Banzai, our dog. Banzai was the constant canine companion of the Stay Brony My Friends household for the past ten years. We will miss him more that words can say.

And third… down to business, this week’s Manly Challenge charity!

Our guest, Andy Price, has chosen The Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta to support for this week’s challenge.

Golden retrievers are gentle, loving dogs who want only to be with a caring family. However, all too often they lose their homes for reasons that have nothing to do with the dog. Families forced to move, owners who fall sick and can no longer care for their pets, medical bills for the dog which the owners cannot afford, and many other reasons often result in a good dog in an overcrowded, understaffed public animal shelter. And with large dogs like golden retrievers, finding a new home sometimes comes too late.

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, like other breed rescues, intervenes by claiming the animals from the pound before they are euthanized. Volunteers provide foster homes, and the dogs’ medical needs are taken care of. The dogs are evaluated by those who know the breed best, and permanent homes are found with carefully screened new owners. By supporting breed rescues like the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, wonderful dogs are saved from a certain bad fate.

This is one place where even a modest donation goes a long, long way.

As always, we are having a drawing for thank-you prizes that anyone who donates at least 5 bucks is eligible for. We have a wonderful slate of giveaways for this one, but Andy upped the ante and will donate an ORIGINAL page of art from the MLP comics series to the winner of the drawing. This ONLY will be given away if we reach 500 dollars donated by January 26th, so go donate, save a dog’s life, and get a chance at absolutely unique artwork!

So if you can, please go to https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/manliestbrony/goldenretrieverrescue and give what you can.

And once again, thank you all for your continued support!

–Dustykatt, Screwball and Caerdwyn

Bound Together: The Comic and Art Anthology for Charity

Bound Together

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Bound Together, an original charity comic and art anthology. Bringing together a team of some of the best artists in the fandom, this high-quality, full color and professionally printed book will feature up to 64 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces that will inspire and delight. Based around the themes of teamwork and togetherness and in the spirit of our favorite pony show, it will be thoroughly enjoyable to readers of all ages. All profits will go towards the Against Malaria Foundation’s outstanding prevention program.

The artists who are making this binding spell possible are: Kefkafloyd (project director), Adlynh, Bakertoons, Jowybean, Leekfish, Muffinshire, Pixelkitties, Ponywise, Sofas And Quills, Spectralunicorn, Starry Night, and Steve Holt!

How Can I Get It?

The book is primarily intended for the convention scene and will be available at most major American and European MLP conventions, debuting at BABSCon on April 3, 2015.

However, for people who cannot attend conventions and in order to help us cover the costs of printing the books, we will also ship a limited amount of books to people who preorder. The special preorder price is $25 plus $4 for shipping, and we’re aiming for ninety preorders. If you are interested in getting the book shipped to you as soon as it is printed, please preorder below. Thank you!

Click Here to Preorder Bound Together

As a bonus for those that preorder the book, you’ll receive an official Bronies for Good pin along with your book!

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2015: Seeds of Kindness Year Against Malaria

Shine Together

Welcome to 2015, the year of our charity album Shine Together and our Seeds of Kindness program for the Against Malaria Foundation!

Donate to Seeds of Kindness


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Derpy News Exclusive Review: Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together

Art by Makkon

Art by Makkon

Well ain’t this a tease. A review of the new Seeds of Kindness album Shine Together before launch. Want to know if it is any good? Click below and satisfy that curiosity.

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Last Reminder: Shine Together Album Premiere with Donation Matching

A new fund-raising initiative is about to launch: Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together! Like our previous iterations of Seeds of Kindness, this fourth one is going to reach out through multiple conventions, pony fandom livestreams, giveaways, and other spectacular events all throughout 2015. This year, we are pleased to kick off this fund-raiser for the Against Malaria Foundation with our fifth charity album: Shine Together.

Shine Together Release Party
Saturday, December 20, 2014, at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. UTC)
on events.yoursiblings.org

The album drops on December 20, and we are having a livestream party hosted by Ponyville FM to celebrate! For the limited time of the stream, an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $1,000, so tune in and donate, and it’ll count double!

The album. Shine Together is the culmination of months of effort on the part of many dedicated fandom musicians. Featuring twenty-two tracks of folk, rock, orchestral, and electronic jams recorded by charity album veterans and new blood alike, Shine Together offers over an hour of uplifting tunes.

We’re offering up this and our previous four albums for any donation at all that you feel appropriate. Because we understand that not everyone is able to donate, the album download will be freely available—a thank you to the fandom for its years of support, and a goodwill gesture to facilitate donations toward the Against Malaria Foundation.

Here, a preview of the album.

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