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Seeds of Kindness: First Milestone Reached

The Seeds of Kindness fundraiser has hit its first major milestone: The clinic in Uganda is fully funded! Now the Green Village in Burundi needs your help!

Thanks to more than 800 generous donors—among them some who gave several hundred euro, and thus have a chance to one of many valuable prizes—the fundraiser has now reached a total of over $19,000! Every bit counts, hence every donor, no matter the donation, receives an exclusive 2.5-hours-long music album as thank you! See the Bronies for Good album page for the track listing and previews, and have a listen to Donn DeVore’s She Can Fly from the album.

Now that the clinic has been funded, we will transfer 100% of the donated funds to the project, and soon Mawanda Johnbosco and his team will be able to attend to patients who would otherwise not have had any access to medical treatment for mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The clinic will also be able to serve an ever more critical educational mission in a region where the vast majority of the population has not even attained an elementary school education.

Thank you to everyone who has donated! You are saving lives!

Here a message from Mawanda Johnbosco, the head of the clinic:

Hi people,

I just want to say thank you so much for contributing to the
establishment of the clinic in Western Uganda. There are many lives this
clinic is going to save. Wherever you are, just know your endeavors to
support this project are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

In celebration of this milestone, The Massive Smile Project has released a more than four-minute-long animated music video to their cover of the Smile song, sung by more than a hundred musicians from the fandom, with solos from many famous voices.

Seeds of Kindness is now entirely focused on the second project, a village for street children in Burundi. The village will hopefully serve as a haven for children and orphans displaced by the civil war, while also being their gateway out of perpetual poverty and disease.

The Green Village (built by Green Life) will include gardens, farms, a pottery, and a welding shop which will allow the project to become self-sufficient after this initial push, and will endow the children with a future without hunger and crime.

To realize this dream, they require a little over $30,000 in total, and as of today, about $15,500 is still needed.

You can find the fundraiser here.

Thank you!

Massive Smile! Project Released


The Massive Smile! Project has been released!

Moreover, once the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser reaches the roughly $10,000 for the clinic in Uganda, The Massive Smile! Project is going to release an official music video to accompany the song!

The Massive Smile! Project is a version of Pinkie’s Smile! Song done in the style of “We Are The World,” featuring some of the best brony musicians, with solos from Cyril the WolfDecibelleF3nningForest RainGlazeJenny NicholsonKryptageThe Living TombstoneMic the MicrophoneOsoth, and Spectracle, as well as instrumental contributions from AshfireEquestria Dude, and Poni1Kenobi. The project was created, and the track produced by Forest Rain.

The complete list of musicians and contributors can be found here, and these are the lyrics with the soloists singing them.

The project is a collaboration with Bronies for Good for the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser. We reported on the launch on April 29. Your donation will go in full to two important projects in Uganda and Burundi, and moreover you’ll get a complete, exclusive album of more than 40 previously unreleased tracks of first-class pony music as a thank you. As if that wasn’t enough, the top donors will also be able to choose from a list of donated prizes.

If you haven’t donated yet, head over to the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser pages!

Seeds of Kindness Launching

Seeds of Kindness: Every Bit Counts by nowego

Seeds of Kindness: Every Bit Counts by nowego

Bronies for GoodMy Little Remix, countless musicians, and many others have worked relentlessly for months to bring you Seeds of Kindness, a fundraiser and an eponymous music album. Today the launch of the project is celebrated with an EverFree Radio livestream at 16:00Z (noon ET). (More info here.)

Everyone who donates to the fundraiser can download the album as a thank you. (There’s also a preview.) Moreover, artists of all trades have contributed prizes for those who donate the most. More detailed instructions on what you need to consider especially when making bigger donations can be found on the instructions page. There is also the track listing of the Seeds of Kindness album and the list of prizes.

All donations benefit two of Your Siblings’s projects, the clinic in Uganda and the Green Village in Burundi. They forward the donations in full, and after this initial financial impetus, the projects will be completely self-sustainable and independent of outside aid.

Now go and give them your moneys; every bit counts!

Bronville Podcast – 1 Year Anniversary Livestream Event

Bronyville Podcast is celebrating one year and one million pasta dishes served :)

Dear future attendee,

You and any of your significant others, friends, family, pets, pets of pets and friends pets are invited for a double celebration! With the conclusion of MLP:FiM Season 2 and Bronyville Podcast celebrating it’s first full year in production, we decided to welcome the largest and most vocal guest to our show. That would be the entire Brony community! So join us in justin.tv Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon PST (3 Pm PDT, 7 PM UTC)!

Where: http://www.justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast

When: Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon PST.

How to call in: VIA Skype – During the show call ‘Bronyville’

Prizes! They include…

  • Copies of the Friendship Express DVD
  • WeLoveFine T-shirt Vouchers
  • Ruckus Reader All Access Subscription ($30 value) (iPad)
  • MLP Toys
  • Bronyville Podcast Buttons
  • Steam Games (Torchlight II preorders, Torchlight, Borderlands GOTY, Garry’s Mod, Lone Survivor, Fireburst)

Donation Drive: A Bronyville Breakfast!

  • Any donations made until May 6th will go towards funding a catered breakfast to the hard working staff at DHX Media making My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The more money we receive the more awesome of a meal the team will receive! A list of all the donators will be sent to DHX thanking them for an awesome 2 seasons with your name printed on the card. Donations can be made on www.bronyshow.com using the donation link on the right side of the screen!

Seeds of Kindness: Update and Album Preview


My friends at Bronies for Good have released a new update on our upcoming Seeds of Kindness fundraiser and charity album. Most significantly:

  • The charity album is almost compete and a new preview has been released (above).
  • The launch of the fundraiser will be celebrated on April 29 at noon ET with an EverFree Radio livestream.
  • Also premiere will the Massive Smile Project, a cover of the Smile Song in the spirit of We Are the World.
  • Bronies for Good is still accepting prize donations like custom art, custom stories, plushies, steam gifts, etc.


Another Seeds of Kindness Update

The musicians over at My Little Remix are now putting their finishing touches to the soon-to-be-released Seeds of Kindness charity album, which is looking to be around two hours and a half long! You can already find quite a few previews in the playlist above. For the big launch on April 29th, EverFree Radio will host at noon EST a livestream of the album, and dozens of musicians will be there. It will also premiere theMassive Smile Project, an amazing cover of Daniel Ingram’s Smile song, performed by 11 soloists and more than 160 choir singers! A round of applause to all the musicians who participated in the album, this would not be possible without them!

Last but not least, Telofy, second chair and founding member of the Your Siblings charity, will also be there to answer any questions you may have regarding the projects we are supporting: a clinic in Uganda and the Green Village in Burundi.

As with our last event, the most generous donors will be thanked with unique handcrafted gifts, art commissions, merch and Steam games very generously donated by various artists from the community! The exact list is still being finalized and will be made available shortly. We are still gladly accepting such donations for either this event or possibly for fundraising at the next BronyCon, so if you want to help, please contact us at [email protected]

For more information on Seeds of Kindness, hit up this page. Or alternatively read this short description:

What is Seeds of Kindness?

Seeds of Kindness is a fundraiser which will raise money for the non-profit organizationYour Siblings. An album has been put together by the musicians from the My Little Remix community and will be made available to download to anyone that donates to Your Siblings. Every donor that donates a significant amount will have a chance to pick a prize from the prizes submitted by some generous folks, provided that they make the highest donor list.

The money will be forwarded in full to Your Siblings by Betterplace and then Your Siblings will use 100% of the money to support their top priority projects: A self sustainable Clinic in Uganda and a Green Village in Burundi. These projects are run by locals and will break free from foreign aid when the initial money is invested!

The Traveling Pony Museum – Road to Seattle Children’s Hospital

The Traveling Pony Museum along with Voice Actor’s of the show are intending to head out to the Seattle Children’s Hospital to bring smiles to sick and injured kids. The Seattle Children’s hospital is united by a compelling mission: to prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease. They treat children with life threatening illnesses everyday, some of whom will need risky surgeries.  The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork of all types from artists within the fandom, big and small, as a showcase to bring to the community who may otherwise not have a chance to see such things in person. We currently have over 40 different artists on board and almost 100 pieces coming in for our summer debut.  To help us achieve our goal of bringing smiles to the children of Seattle, we need to bring the museum across the country. The museum will be attending Everfree Northwest and wants to be able to make the hospital journey as well. Money collected will be used to pay for travel expenses as well as purchasing pony toys to give out to the children.   We have opened a kickstarter to raise money so head on over to check out our efforts with the link below. There are even rewards for donation amounts including one of a kind merch and more! 

Kickstarter Box found here.

As Helen Lovejoy says, think of the children. Plus charity is a good way to cleanse your soul after a Friday night on the town.

Seeds of Kindness (New Bronies for Good Charity Album)

By SirPayne

Got word of a new Charity Album by Bronies for good in the works, and you can help with this one even if you don’t make music! Copy pasta of the email I recieved from CaptainFluffatun and a sample from the album after the break!

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