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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! – The Duality of Pony

Source: MLP: FiM, Pinkie Pride.

Source: MLP: FiM, “Pinkie Pride”

“What a piece of work is mare – how noble in reason. How infinite in complexity…”

Everypony is always talking about how wonderful it would be to live in Equestria. While I’m inclined to agree, I suspect my reasoning might differ from other folks. I don’t see it as a world without pain. I see it as a lesson in how joy can triumph over pain.

Take Pinkie Pie. The bounciest pony in the bunch – the one most dedicated to spreading joy to her fellow pony. Laughter is more than just her Element – it’s her lifestyle, philosophy, and mission. Between Party of One, Friend in Deed, and Pinkie Pride, however, we see a certain insecurity – a desperation that suggests that Pinkie not only wants you to Smile, Smile, Smile, she needs you to in order to validate her very existence. The mere title of “Super Duper Party Pony,” for example, is Pinkie’s entire identity, (and her forfeit of it to live up to her promise to Dash is proof not only of her dependence on such labels, but of her profound dedication to the be-smile-ment of the equine race).

Now I am not trying to paint a dark tint to Pinkie Pie. While discussing the pain and insecurity beneath the surface of Pinkie might seem like a bummer, it’s actually that very lack of fluff – the defiance of children’s television stereotypes – the duality of pony – that makes the show so compelling in the first place. The brilliance of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is in it’s character development – its explorations of the contradictions within an archetype such as “the clown.” Examining Pinkie Pie’s Ponyacci-esque tendency toward sadness actually illustrates the very beauty of her soul. Every laugh – every smile – every song is a victory march, and one that has potential to inspire us all.

Joy – real joy – comes not from a life free from pain, but from our conquest of that pain. Pinkie Pie rose from a rock farm – gray and dull – and taught her entire family the joy of parties – the meaning of pink!

That’s what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic celebrates, (whether it’s Fluttershy’s moments of bravery, or Rainbow Dash’s self-actualization beyond the approval of idols such as Daring Do or the Wonderbolts, or Rarity’s rise above the trappings of her own ego) – the little victories that make life worth living.

In the show, we are treated to a series of mostly believable happy endings, not because Equestria is a utopian paradise, but rather because these six beloved characters learn how to conquer their demons – to grow as moral beings – to experience the joy of coming together in support of one another. To know the magic of friendship.

That magic is something we can learn to incorporate into our everyday lives, even if the colors we see when we look out the window don’t always seem quite as bright as they do in Equestria.


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Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #3


Hello all!

And here we are! Music Wrap-Up number 3! I love the submissions ya’ll are sending!

Luxumbra – Shift

This song really stands out for its remarkable amount of chill.

Sherclop Pones + SoGreatandPowerful – 40 Winks

An interesting piece, to say the least. The lyrics excellently reflect those long nights we all sometimes have.

“all the townsfolk, they are fast asleep
chasing memories or just counting sheep
but I don’t need it. I don’t think so. I’m not crazy. I don’t think so”

Replacer – Subterranean Pegasus Blues (Bob Dylan Cover)

Bob Dylan and ponies?! Why hasn’t this happened earlier?

Yourenigma – I Know I’ll Make it Through

So jealous of those who get to see Yourenigma at Big Apple Ponycon! I love how this song starts awesome and succeeds in building up more awesomness throughout.


And that’s all for me! For those of you at BAP, have loads of fun and hear a bunch of sweet tunes.

Please feel free to submit your favorite pony music to either LyraHeartstrings or on the sidebar here at Derpy Hooves news!

Until next week, keep thyself stocked on pony tunes with LyraHeartstrings! Be seeing you!

Editorial: Bronies the Documentary Part 2: Accountability and Retrospective

Art from the Tumblr Cheerilee’s Chalkboard http://cheerilee-s-chalkboard.tumblr.com/

To conclude my analysis on the documentary situation, I’d like to sum things up with important questions that should be asked, like why the doc chose the direction they used, what the consequences of these actions are, and who should be held accountable for what has happened. You can find the summary of my thoughts after the break. Read more →

Friday Night Community 1/25/13



Hello everyone! It seems we’re coming close to the end of the third season of Friendship is Magic but luckily this weekend will be full of good things! We kick things off with tonight’s Brony Movie Night, starting at 7 PM EST, with the action packed movie “RED,” followed by Hurricane Fluttershy. After that is this week’s lotto followed by the cult 90’s comedy (and appropriately titled) “Friday,” and cap off the evening with Green Isn’t Your Color. Saturday morning we begin with the weekly BronyStatexCelestia Radio roundtable discussion show and then transition into the new Friendship is Magic episode, Just For Sidekicks. Afterwards, Bronies For Good and GalaCon are hosting a special charity fundraiser, Kallisti II, and will feature some very talented Brony artists from around the fandom. You can read all about the event here: http://yoursiblings.tumblr.com/post/41440039677/bronies-for-good-kallisti-ii-art-and-charity. That’s not all tomorrow, we’ve also got our re-stream, Euro Brony Movie Night, for all the Euro bronies that couldn’t make it to the show the night before.

It’s gonna be a packed weekend full of crazy, fun things so make sure you join BronyState and friends for a great time! See you all this weekend!








This week’s movie night will begin with Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew at 4 PM EST followed by Doctor Who: The End of Time (Parts One and Two) at 5:40 PM. Stick around after the movies for a marathon of random episodes beginning at 8 PM and lasting until the new episode airs at 10:30 AM. Hope to see you there!



Editorial: The Bronies Documentary Part 1: The Importance of Objectivity

Art by Kefkafloyd

“Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony” is a $322 thousand documentary funded primarily by pony fans. DHN was issued a copy (big thanks to the distributor at scrnland.com for doing so), and after seeing the doc, I’ve written a two-part editorial on my feelings on the documentary and the events surrounding it. This article will discuss the documentary itself, and you can find my opinions on it after the break!

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Help! My Heart Is Full of Pony – Crusaders

Cutie Mark Crusaders Gradient Wallpaper by RDbrony16

Cutie Mark Crusaders Gradient Wallpaper by RDbrony16

In this latest episode, they established that there is going to be a Manehattan branch of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. That means that it’s more than just a club now. It’s a movement. Their message is simple – if you have not yet found your destiny – if you feel left out because you’re late to your calling – you are not alone.

The underdog never is.

In Call of the Cutie, it was the feeling of isolation that caused Apple Bloom to despair (more than the actual lack of cutie mark), and in this recent episode, it was very heavily implied that peer support was the one thing that Babs had been lacking back in Manehattan. The Cutie Mark Crusaders has always been an organization that sought to bring blank flanks together. One Bad Apple articulated and refined that point. It’s not just about the quest. It’s about sticking together. It’s about friendship!

Now that the idea is starting to spread across the continent, I see the CMC becoming the Lambda Lambda Lambda of the Equestrian grade school experience. However, as the Cutie Mark Crusader movement comes more sharply into focus, an age old question becomes all the more pertinent – what becomes of a Crusader once they’ve found their cutie mark?

Personally, I like to think that (s)he stays a crusader forever – that, even after (s)he has found the destiny that (s)he personally had been looking for, (s)he makes it a point to stand up for fillies and colts without their cutie marks who may be suffering persecution. Imagine a grown up Apple Bloom devoting at least part of her adult life to counseling troubled children. Imagine a grown up Sweetie Belle organizing a children’s choir. Imagine a grown up Scootaloo teaching young pegasi to fly.

None of us are as alone as we might think, and a Crusader’s work is never done.


Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! is a new column featuring reflections on love, tolerance, friendship, and other pony feelz.

Artist of the Week: Turbo!

This week’s featured artist is none other then Turbo, mod behind the illustrious Ask Blueblood! You can find the true king of tumblr here, Turbo’s mod blog here, and his DA here. After the break, please enjoy a text interview with the artist, along with some samples of his work! Read more →