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Bronycon 2013 announces Dates & New Venue

by *Call-Me-Jack

Bronycon is Moving from New York Area to Downtown Baltimore in 2013, Hosts the largest convention for Adult Fans of MLP:FiM

BronyCon, the world’s largest and longest-running brony convention, will run Aug. 2-4, 2013, and will be held at the Hilton Baltimore and convention center in Baltimore, Md.

According to The Associated Press article Guys Who Like My Little Pony Gather For ‘BronyCon,’ BronyCon Summer 2012 attracted 4,000 bronies—the adult fans of the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic—to its convention from all across the country when it was held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J., June 2012, showing an incredible increase of audience from the 100 attendees in its premiere year of 2011.

Located next to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team, the Hilton Baltimore hotel is attached to the Baltimore Convention Center, which will also be used for events at the convention. The venue is a convenient 15 minutes from the Baltimore Washington International airport for those flying in for the convention, which is located by a light rail station that goes directly from BWI to the convention center.

Unlike previous years, BronyCon is extending their event to three days in 2013 starting Friday, Aug. 2, and ending Sunday, Aug. 4, however, they will only be hosting one convention in 2013.

FOR ADMISSIONS AND MORE INFORMATION: Registration for BronyCon will cost $75 at the door ($70 pre-registered online). An early-bird rate of $65 will be offered for a limited time only starting Nov. 10, 2012. In order to register for BronyCon 2013, visit their website at www.bronycon.org/. For even more up-to-the-minute news, check out BronyCon’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Artist of the Week: Severus!

This week’s artist feature is Severus, the creator of the adult ask blog Stories from the Front! You can find an audio interview (now in 720p!) with the artist after the break!

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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! – Living Pony

Rainbow and Fluttershy helping (S02E24)

Most people want to do good, especially by their friends. Why then are there so many people who are incapable of coming through for friends in need? Why is a good friend such a rare gem?

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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! – Escapism

The Return of Harmony – Part 2

The Return of Harmony – Part 2

I’ve heard some folks say that they watch My Little Pony because its relentless optimism helps them escape reality for a little while. I can’t speak for everypony, but I like it for augmenting reality, not providing refuge from it.

The world can be a grim place, and we are bombarded with reminders of that with every turn of the newspaper page, and every disparaging word from strangers competing with us for parking spots, or for the last of any coveted item at the grocery store. However, the positive virtues of My Little Pony don’t exist in some bubble disconnected from our own universe. They are real. They are all around us. Love. Tolerance. The power of friendship. They’re all real, and they’re alive and kicking. (You just don’t read about it in the papers very much).

Everyday somebody somewhere sacrifices their life for someone they care about. Everyday somebody somewhere gives his last dime to help out a friend in need. Right now somebody is staying up all night to watch over a friend whose health has taken a turn for the worse, and right now, someone is driving through the night for hundreds of miles to come to the aid of a friend in need.

It doesn’t get any realer than that!

Can you go through life wearing blinders to all the suffering going on around you? Of course not. But it’s just as silly to pretend that that’s all there is to life – suffering and solitude. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fills many of us with hope. It makes us hope and it makes us smile, not because it invented the awesomeness of friendship, but because it holds a mirror up to the world and shows us the beauty and nobility that already exists within us all.

That’s not escapism. That’s just the other side of the story.


Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! is a new column featuring reflections on love, tolerance, friendship, and other pony feelz.

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Artist of the Week: FlavinBagel!

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Artist of the Week: Willdrawforfood1 !

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Artist of the Week: Petirep!

This week on Artist of the Week, we are featuring Petirep, the artist and animator on the series Rainbow Dash Presents! You can find his DA here, his tumblr here, the webcomic Dwarfs here, the Buck card game here, and his website here! After the break, please enjoy an interview with the artist himself, along with an exclusive first look at some of the artwork for the cardgame!

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