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Driving Distracted Episode 002

by Kadjule

Alternate Tittle: Cashing in the reality check.

Hey everyone, this week hopefully went better than last week volume-wise. I’m getting better every week!

The list of things I did is pretty long, break time!

In This Episode I:

  • Dicuss a bad night
  • 400k!
  • Sing
  • Talk like the Apple Family
  • road rage!
  • regular rage!
  • get’s stuck in traffic
  • talk about art!
  • talk about haircuts and Texas
  • Go over the news (maybe)
  • cash in that reality check
  • explain how we got the leaks
  • Talk like AJ again
  • talk about old friends and some numbers
  • explain my interview wishlist
  • Get creepy

Thanks for listening, tell your friends! Next time I swear I’ll remember to print off those comments.
And here’s a link to my Tumblr!

Driving Distracted Episode 002 by summersuncelebrationentri

Cowboys Vs. Equestrians [Update]

by Semehammer

So the MAD cartoon on Cartoon Network finally got into the game and picked up on the craze. By pitting them against the cast of Cowboys vs. Aliens. I watched that movie after Otakon was over in Baltimore with some friends, I got what I went there to see.

So spazz picked up on this one last night from some comments all over the place and hoppip sent us the youtube clip. Yep those are the ponies alright. Seems like they were just looking for an excuse to put them in an episode because they weren’t getting bashed. Unless the bracelet thing was supposed to be it? Anyways it’s behind the break.

Bonus: From the same episode, this one has a Rainbow Dash cameo in it, I think. -Spazz

Note: Update on Season Break [Update]

from LocateTV.com
(Times are CST)

If the info above is to be believed, then that means no new ponies for at least two more weeks.

So that just means you’ve got more time to pick apart the mythological framework of the first two episodes, or make more fanart of Fluttershy tied up on the ground.

[UPDATE] Some guy (goes by turtwig. I stole this, shamelessly) with a better cable service got to see another week out. The next episode airs on the 15th. Also EqD apparently has hookups with the people who do TV listings and the description of the new episode is out as well:

“Hyper-organized Twilight panics when she can’t find a lesson about friendship for her weekly letter to Princess Celestia.”

 Sounds like a good time to me! -plaster

Driving Distracted AKA Life on the B Team Episode 001


Alternate Title: plaster releases the krakken in the unholy shitstorm of our time.

Seriously, I may have said some things that I may regret at some time but wheres the fun in playing it safe? Although I had the urge to make a little P.S. clip to tag on clarifying and apologizing. If I catch crap for it I’ll probably do it the next time.

also my car totally does not go 0-60 in under 4 seconds. I tried to time it, its more like 7

Holy shit listen to me breathe, allergies suck man. I’m not fat, I swear! I have one of those black foam covers and I’ll start using that more. The volume may be a little quiet again. So I boosted it once more, next time I swear I’ll get it all worked out.

I know this is right after the pilot episode but im like a kid who just got a new toy, I gotta keep playing with it!

Disclaimer: This project is a solo effort by plaster and does not always reflect the opinion of the site and everyone who works on it. It also holds up a rating of R due to those nasty swearwords.

Soundcloud embed after the break. Decided to fiddle with the mic’s settings and found the 128kb/s MP3 recording quality option so this file is a whopping 37.95MB instead of 200-something WAV file like the last time. TECHNOLOGY

plaster driving distracted001 by summersuncelebrationentri

plaster drives distracted. A new effort in the direction of audio entertainment AKA Life on the B Team. Pilot Episode

So, I had purchased this new microphone for a couple podcasts that i’ve been or will be on in the fanbase, it’s portable with battery power. So what better to use it than to talk about what happens behind the scenes and talk in a stream of conciousness while driving on an interstate highway? This is totally the (auto)pilot episode, #000. There are a couple things that need to be worked out and fixed, including volume since I had to amplify this in Audacity. Plus a couple things I should consider for next time. Including finding a better place to hold the microphone, it flopped around a couple times while driving and I ended up holding it after a while.

When I listened to it, it was fine and that’s good enough for me. I’ll post it after those annoying post breaks I love so much!

Ok there are issues, I’ll work it out.  And hey, my voice isn’t as annoying as I thought it was!

It’s about 30 minutes long, because who wants to hear me ramble for an hour? Anyways, this episode covers:

  • My situation and feelings towards EqD which is not negative, mind you.
  • the podcast interview with WYRD 101 (to be aired monday, we will post it.).
  • spoilers
  • my 3 week hiatus in August.

 I will start reading and answering emailed questions in the next episode, if I get them. ([email protected]!) I feel that this impromtu and un-edited endeavor could be very entertaining and informative into the life of someone on the B Team of pony news. I may have guests, but that is still up in the air.

Enjoy my weeaboo music and rambling. I will try to keep it unedited as much as possible. you may need to raise the volume a little, the first couple minutes are very quiet, until I start holding the mic instead of putting it somewhere.

Disclaimer: My opinions do not reflect all of the staff’s opinions, please keep in mind that this is a solo project and I did not inform them of this idea or project. Also I do hold no regard for language restrictions, this will probably hold a rating of R due to my swearing like a longshoreman.

Plasterdrivesdistracted000 by summersuncelebrationentri

“Rainbow Dash always dresses in style.”

my hoof