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Convention Junction #24: OmniGamer, TrotCon, DerpyCon South, Sac Brony Expo, Brony Thank You Fund

  • OmniGamer: Sac Brony Expo Sponsorship
  • TrotCon 2014: Dates, Preregistration, and Guest Announcements
  • DerpyCon South: Weekend Admission Sale
  • Sac Brony Expo: The Huge Announcements
  • Brony Thank You Fund: DrawnCon Charity Partner

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Convention Junction #23: BronyCAN and Equestria LA

Back from Canada! by ~Blayaden

  • BronyCAN announces Claire Corlett
  • BronyCAN Pre-Con General Updates
  • Equestria LA announces hiatus for 2013

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Convention Junction #22: Nightmare Nights Dallas and BronyCAN

  • Nightmare Nights Dallas: Hotel, Media, Vendor List, and Artist Alley Information
  • BronyCAN: Con Exclusive Deals
  • BronyCAN: Announcing Third Wave of Musicians and Community Guests
  • BronyCAN: Preregistration Ending and At the Door Information

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Convention Junction #21: GalaCon

Here’s a really big Convention Junction for you!

  • GalaCon: Gala Evening Music Note

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Convention Junction #20: BronyDays, Sac Brony Expo, BUCKcon, DerpyCon South, BronyCon, and BTYF

  • BronyDays: Announcing EileMonty and Przewalski’s Ponies, and Accepting Vendor Applications
  • Sac Brony Expo: Announcing DustyKatt, Swift Sketch’s Banner Contest, Website Update, VIP/Volunteer Registration Reminder, and Important Notice
  • BUCKcon: Summer Sun Sneak Preview
  • DerpyCon South: Singopation Contest with Anneli Heed
  • BronyCon: Masquerade Talent Show
  • BTYF: BronyCon Updates

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Convention Junction #19: BronyCon, EPCU, BronyCAN, GalaCon, BUCK, RotL Con

  • BronyCon: Full Schedule and Additional Thursday Activities
  • EPCU: Merch Challenge Winners
  • BronyCAN: More Musicians and New Message Board
  • GalaCon: Get Ready to Gala
  • BUCK: Assorted Updates
  • Running of the Leaves Convention: Introduction

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Convention Junction – July 11th, 2013

  • BronyDays: Opening Ticket Sales
  • Crystal Fair: “Ponify Finland” Art Competition
  • BronyCAN: Travel Details Arranged
  • DerpyCon South: Indiegogo Campaign
  • DerpyCon South: Singopation Contest Extention

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