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Super Ponybeat – Luna’s Future (Euro Cast Mix) ft. Odyssey

It has been awhile, hasn’t it.  From Eurobeat Brony’s YouTube channel:

Get this Luna’s Future remix Here.
Hear it on Soundcloud.

It was time to get back to my roots… after watching the Hearth’s Warming Tale episode, I got a vibe from one of the very last songs that put me in a similar mood to when I first penned “Luna”. That’s a good sign to make a track… and to make one the way I used to. ❤

Original by D. Ingram, C. Chan, and M. Vogel

Remix & Additional Lyrics by T. Stebbins

If you like what you hear, please consider naming a price on the Bandcamp link! Making music AND making a living in the Bay Area is not easy to do, so every little bit helps!

Announcement: Steven Drawniverse Art Challenge And Compendium Starts Monday

Drawn by Empyu

Hello there, animation fans! On Monday, March 23rd  we’re gonna try something new for the Steven side of our site, though those of you who are familiar with the pony side may already know what this is about. For those who aren’t, here’s a [email protected] after the break:

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Hirsch issues Remix Challenge on Anti-GF Sermon



While this isn’t exactly news about the show, it is on the other hand a call out via the show’s creator.  Also the fact that we really don’t post much on Gravity Falls (due to lack of hamsters).  Show creator Alex Hirsch and member of the fabled illuminati has issued a remix challenge on a recently published sermon on YouTube dubbed “Disney, Illuminati, Gravity Falls, Satanic Antichrist Propaganda!”.  The video and actual embed of Hirsch’s tweet is after the page break.  If you read this and actually make a video, toss it in our mailbox.

Update – We have at least one submission so far, its on Tumblr, so grab your ponchos.  Sounds From Sci – Gravity Falls is a Devil’s Show.

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The MLP Fanbook Project


It may not be Equestria, but the world has some amazing wildlife. But it’s in trouble. Every year, thousands of endangered animals are killed for that one thing that makes them an amazing and unique creature in the animal kingdom. Elephants, tigers, sea turtles and other threatened species are being illegally harvested at alarming rates, driving these creatures to extinction. The illegal wildlife trade is a $10 Billion industry that laws, and enforcement on an international level have been unable to stem. What creates the demand for these animals? Normal, everyday people like you around the world. One organization, WildAid, has set its mission to ending the illegal wildlife trade through public awareness campaigns and comprehensive marine protection. It’s goal is to convince the people of the world that ivory jewelry, shark fin soup, and other such illegal wildlife commodities, are not worth the price being paid. These are not animals to be seen in the zoo, but in the plains, jungles and oceans of our world. It all would make a certain yellow pegasus cry and no brony wants that.

Animals of the world need help and we here at the MLP Fanbook Project, are hoping bronies can help us lend a hoof. We are creating a printed book for bronies, by bronies, and will contain within its pages art from different artists throughout the fandom! The book’s theme is “Friendship is WILD,” with My Little Pony art themed around the wild and endangered animals of our world. Once printed, the book will go on sale and 100% of the profits made off each book will go directly to WildAid.

But we need the fandom’s amazing artists to help by contributing their talent and art! If you’re an artist please send an email to [email protected] with some examples of your work or if you’d like more information. The more people, the better. Any artist involved will retain all rights to their work and can use their art for whatever they like after the book is released. If you aren’t an artist you can still help by sharing this project with others.

We look forward to hearing from everyone interested and remember, only people can undo the harm other people have created!

Muffin Theater – Fluffle Puff Tales: EG Part 3


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My Little Karaoke: Additional Content – Song Pack #3

Hello everyone!

We’re back with new content for the pony karaoke game! This update brings about 50 new tracks, and a number of fixes for already-released songs. Head to www.MyLittleKaraoke.com to download the update (approximately 2GB) ; the
recommended way of getting it is by using the torrent file. The installation procedure is the same as for our previous releases, and requires the previous packs. MyLittleKaraoke is a pony rhythm game, similar to Singstar, and based on Ultrastar. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as many other systems. Have fun !

– The MyLittleKaraoke team

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Derpy News Exclusive Review: Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together

Art by Makkon

Art by Makkon

Well ain’t this a tease. A review of the new Seeds of Kindness album Shine Together before launch. Want to know if it is any good? Click below and satisfy that curiosity.

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