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Sunday Morning Comics #78

Sunday Morning Comics #77

Crewniverse Recap – 03 – Steven’s Lion

Well after saying that we’d attempt to get these out asap, we make that wait longer than usual.  This week we return with Crewniverse Recap that features the music and backgrounds from “Steven’s Lion”.  Additionally since the last recap the crew released some more storyboards to “Tiger Millionaire”.  Steven Universe is again on hiatus until February 17th @ 8:45pm est.

Recap after the break.

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Sunday Morning Comics #76

Another second Sunday and another set of Morning Comics.  So far Season 4 has been running without a break, I do believe the first season we’ve had of its kind.  While we saw a drop in the ratings for the Weird Al episode, ponies are still on top compared to what else roams the television airwaves.

Despite the relatively low numbers for “Pinkie Pride,” it somehow managed to beat everything on Nicktoons and CNBC. It also beat out all but Rangers-Islanders at Yankee Stadium and two Premier League games on NBCSN and everything but UFC Prelims and a Big East game on Fox Sports 1. One of the obstacles for MLP is that NICK puts Sanjay and Craig in the timeslot opposite MLP. It’s currently the #2-animated show on NICK which in itself is a relative term given 29 of the top 40 programs on NICK are all SpongeBob reruns.

– StatManDan

And now for your comics (after the page break):

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Sunday Morning Comics #75

If anyone happens to see any comics related to our other shows, feel free to drop them in our submission box.  And now for your Sunday Morning Comics after the page break.

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Sunday Morning Comics #74

Good Morning, time for your Sunday Comics.  All after the break.

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Muffin Theater: Where Are You

While we have slowly drawn the curtain on general fan creative pieces, fan animation remains one of my personal favorite.  Up for your consideration for this edition of Muffin Theater is an almost 5 minute video animated by Alstiff.  Due to being mobile I have not watched the whole thing, but the other staff members have enjoyed it.

Video after the page break.

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