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MLP: CCG Let it Derp! A Slew of Derpy spoils for 11/19/14


All of the derpy you could ever want and more from this set below the break!

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Derpy’s Mailbag #19

Princess Derpy by *Beavernator

It has been awhile since the mailbag has graced the front pages of our humble little site, mainly because we shelved the article way back in August 2012 when we started up our fan content sister site, LyraHeartstrings.com. This past Sunday we decided to idle that site, and thus not to ignore the creative output of the community we are planning on reviving some of our fan content features. Derpy’s Mailbag is about featuring the content that doesn’t quite fit into any of the other articles and typically features the random submissions that we receive in our inbox. In the near future you will probably see some other articles based on art, music and possibly even fanfics. Of course we don’t plan on flooding the front page, more once per week articles.

And thankfully in less than 60 days, the great post-season 3 hiatus will come to an end and we’ll all sit down and enjoy what the cast and crew of MLP has in store for us for Season 4. But for now, enjoy a few of the random things that have drifted into our inbox.

Featured in this Mailbag:

  • Bronies: The Movie
  • BUCK 2013 Oil Painting Commission
  • Equestria LA auctioning off surplus merchandise
  • 2014 Brony Herd Census seeking volunteers

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Derpy’s Mailbag #18

Lyra mause
by *Kloudmutt

Time for another edition of Derpy’s Mailbag.

(Whoops, forgot the page break).

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Derpy’s Mailbag #17

Derpy Hooves
by DerpyHooves693

Well its been a few since the last Mailbag and its finally been filled enough to warrant another edition of Derpy’s Mailbag. All contents behind the page break.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #16

My Saviour by =ponyKillerX

Time for the Mailbag, lets see what Derpy has gotten in the past half month.


PonyCraft Building Contest, Winner Gets A Pony Necklace

In lieu of the new Equestria terrain being nearly finished, I am deciding to hold a building contest. :D

Here is the lowdown. The building contest is building a Ponyville house, (Yes, one from the show, I have a few references in my server for size/roof/style/color requirements.) The one YOU build will need to be from one of the pictures on the gallery below. You must name what you house you submit to me BY number.(The houses are numbered.) You can optionally build another building(Anything seen in the show works, as long as it has not been built on the model building map. and confirmed to be used, that does not include if another user is building it.)

Full Details on Ponycraft.org’s website.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #15

Derpy delivers some love by Sunfur

Time to check Derpy’s Mailbag and see what people have been sending in.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #14


balloon joyride by ~Lamiaaaa

Time to see what people have been sending Derpy.

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