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Derpy’s Mailbag #13

Bon Bon is not amused. Lyra is. by ~ViperViolist

Well the mailbag is full, thus its time to empty it out and see what Derpy got in the past couple of weeks. Art, videos and some new sites on the inside.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #12

Is ok to be Derpy by ~YokoKinawa

Time for another Mailbag. Now split into section and now with Letters to the Editor, as I had a few people write stuff about the whole Derpy ordeal and send it in. Also for the few people who have sent in comics, I keep forgetting about them when I’m writing the Sunday Morning Comics post, they’ll be featured this sunday.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #11

Derpy Hooves by *LimreiArt

Getting really hard to find a Derpy picture that isn’t depressing. Yes it may be depressing, but it shouldn’t stop the happy pictures. Don’t forget tomorrow is dubbed “Derpy Day” which we kind of missed last year due to the whole 4chan war between the pony community and mods. February is not a good month for this community. Anyways, time for a new mailbag.

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Derpy’s Mailbag: Express Mail #11

These were shipped as time sensitive. We have some recruitment flyers to hand out after the break. If you were looking for something to do in the community to help out, hopefully one of these will be what you are looking for.

First though, we have a Dutch Podcast to plug.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #10

Manehattan Snow Globe by *raikoh14

Slow news day is slow, even Derpy’s Mailbag is very light this week. We’ll call this an art edition of the Mailbag, as after I went through the mail and posted up what I got, I noticed 4 out of the 5 were artwork submissions. Hopefully some news happens in a day or two, and remember our submission box is always open if you got something.

On a random note, there was almost news today, as someone appeared on Ponychan pretending to be Ed Rosario (a Top Draw animator). The troll answered questions for a good two hours and even had the mods convinced it was him (via a fake @dhxmedia.com email). It was enough that Seth reported on it, and I’ll admit I was transcribing the Q&A. But low and behold, total troll thread. Kind of funny.

And now for the mailbag.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #09

Well despite today being declared my “day off” from poni, I figured it’d also be a good day to start posting the mailbag, since we now seem to have a fair flow of submissions coming in. So expect the mailbag on Sundays, though I don’t like to promise that (use to be called Submission Tuesdays, except I was posting on Thursday). Either way, here’s what we got:



#0001 – Doctor Whooves Adventures: Coming Soon
Squeak and team are back with their Doctor Whooves Radio Plays. If you search back in our archives you can find the previous episodes. Seems a new release is on the horizon and will be featured on Celestia Radio.

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Derpy’s Mailbag #08

Someday I'll be special by *TheMiles

Wasn’t even a full week and Derpy’s Mailbag has become full again. Got a strange mixture of merchandise and pony sites this week, you’ll see when you look in the bag.

Merchandisers – We are going to be running a once per week article on mechandise and what is for sale from the community. If you happen to submit something merchandise while, it will be appearing in those posts rather than the mailbag. This week though we go merch in here. When submitting merch, please give us the links you want posted, namely where the items is being sold and deviantart account, etc.

And now, for the mail.

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