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Derpy’s Mailbag #07

Muffin Mafia by *plasters-ponies

Well its definitely been one hell of a week here at the offices of DHN. Saturday we of course had the onslaught of people who came to the site (hopefully liked what they saw), bad enough that it actually nut kicked the place offline for a few minutes in the afternoon. Then of course all the drama behind the Derpy scene, which hopefully with a new episode tomorrow, will disappear. I can say I have no intention on bringing the subject up again.

I would also like to apologize to those who thought my “Thank you Studio B” post from a few days ago was directed towards ALL the people who are not pleased with the Derpy scene. It is the great thing about the internet, you’re allowed to voice your opinions. We do try and keep opinions off the front page of this place, but when you’re the head guy, it is hard to resist sometimes. It could have been worse, cause that was the “light” version of what I really wanted to post. But I would like to point out the people that I am butt damaged over are those who are actually taking the extra effort to write hate mail to Hasbro, Studio B and The Hub. I understand both sides of the fence in this argument, but I find its taking it all to a different realm when you start making petitions and writing hatred towards the people putting on the show. These are the people who make me head butt the wall in my office, not those who just have a disapproving opinion about the whole thing. Either way, later tonight the comments on both articles will be closed, and we all shall move onto other things.

Side note – Our page has passed the 700k mark pageview wise, yay. I’ll note that its kind of a false number, as our old setup of the “dual pages” kind of screwed up the number, as the main page had about 600k while the blogger system itself had about 750k. So I guess we’re more around 850k, but I don’t want to start messing with the counter.

Now its time for Derpy’s Mailbag, Edition 7.

#0000 – Plaster Gains a True Friend at BronyCon

This was a video I kind of jokingly asked Jhaller to make a few weeks ago. Unfortunately his computers exploded, so it was delayed for awhile. This is from Bronycon, the person in the Trixie Hat is obviously Seth of EqD, and then the oh so happy person next to him is Plaster, our editor. Plaster definitely played nice, as I was texting him and offering him a grand worth of money to kidnap Seth’s hat, and he refused. Next time Gadget, next time.

#0001 – BronyCon

Well if you haven’t heard, BronyCon has relocated its June venue to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in lovely Secaucus, New Jersey. This has changed their max attendee cap from 1500 to 4000. The January Bronycon fetched about 1000, but of course they are expecting more this time around due to the guests. There of course has been some upset people, namely those who had already booked hotels and train tickets. I’ll note for anyone who was heading to Penn Station, continue with these plans, except you’ll now have to go from Penn Station to the Port Authority, and catch a bus out to Jersey.

A new guest of honor was also announced. John de Lancie (Discord and of course, Q) will be joining Lauren Faust as guests of honor, so its expected a ton of people will turn out, probably even non-pony fans just for Q.

[swf src=”http://www.deviantart.com/download/281798352/back_to_the_derp_by_mrponiator-d4nrx00.swf” width=600 height=380]
#0002 – Back to the Derp by Mr. Poniator

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Derpy’s Mailbag #06

Stay Classy and To The Tumblr by =saturnspace

#001 – www.Derpyboo.ru

In one hand, yes another ‘booru’ pony site, but this one is built from the ground up and has lots of bells and whistles to it. Very clean and nice looking at a glance. Right now its kind of back logging images we’ve already seen, but I’m sure it’ll catch up to the other two three. The creators are looking for feedback and suggestions, go help them craft a good system.


Hi there!

I’m Clover the Clever, and I’ve been working with some friends in the community to make an imageboard for MLP. It’s a completely new system, designed to scale well where others have not, built from scratch with the MLP fanbase in mind. I’m a freelance web consultant when I’m not busy being a student, and I ended up making this over Christmas:


It’s slowly making progress in terms of content and we’re picking up speed, but we’ve not really published it anywhere yet, just passed it around some friends to kick the tyres. We’re now pretty confident it won’t burst into flames (instantly) and would like to pass it on to the community at large.

In terms of a feature summary (or “why we made it”), the site is fast, supports flexible spoilering/hiding of images (and is ‘SFW’ by default – questionable images spoilered, explicit images completely hidden), has watch lists with RSS support (so you can drop your favourite ponies right into your RSS reader with ease), has more flexible tagging than most Danbooru-style implementations, animated image thumbnails, automagic import from Tumblr/dA sources, uses up/down votes in place of favourites, lists of related images, has tons of configuration options for how things display to fit your screen, optimizes images after uploading, has keyboard shortcuts for fast and easy browsing, exact and perceptual image deduplication, fuzzy and precise search modes, and for original content producers, it even supports attaching licenses to your uploads. All this while being blindingly fast (average page load takes 50ms, and it should stay that way)!

I hope your visitors will find Derpibooru useful. 


Clover the Clever 

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Derpy’s Mailbag #05

by *Equestria-Prevails

Time for another Derpy’s Mailbag here at the DHN. Yet again I’ll just say sorry for the lack in posts lately, many things going on all around, expect things to return to normal around here by the end of the week. Anyways, on with the show.

Side note – Our submission system was offline since yesterday, so if you sent something in during the past 24 hours, resend please.


Luna - My Little Pony FIM Knitted Plush

#000 Equestria Knitting by Spark Absurd

Submitted by their creator, Equestria Knitting features a different style of plush. I do enjoy the style. Price wise you’re talking about $90 for the Luna above, and there are other ponies available. At the moment you have of the Mane 6, plus the royal sisters.

The Ponies: Twilight / Applejack / Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash / Rarity / Fluttersh / Luna / Celestia

Etsy Shop


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Derpy’s Mailbag #04

by ~ModifiedHyena
by ~Keanno

Well it seems to have been about three weeks since we did our last mailbag post, main reason behind this people is that submissions are slow around here, most that gets posted is material we find, thus there tends to be a period of time between Derpy’s Mailbag.

by ~Astalakio

I would also like to remind you guys about DerpyHooves Studio, our second blog that features fandom creations.  With the creation of this second blog, that means our front page here on DHN is a touch slower, as we’re trying to stick mainly to the major news of the show and community.  You can quickly switch over using the button on the left hand side (buttons on the main blog to come soon).

The crew also has the next few days off, so it’ll be somewhat quiet around here, though this week has been nothing but quiet.  We’ll be doing a few xmas related posts and enjoying the holiday.

And now, on with the show.

#01 Pony Limerick Contest from the Electric Brony

We are proud to announce our first contest, The Pony Limerick Contest(how original)! We want to encourage creativity among the fandom and give back in our own way.

Prizes: 5 Finalists will recieve the Humble Indie Bundle #4 details, 1 Grand Prize Winner will also receive a steam game of their choice valued up to 60 dollars.

Conditions: Think up a funny pony related limerick, it can be clean or NSFW as long as it’s the best you can do.

How to submit: Since we only accept one submission per person/per email, make sure you do your best the first time around. Send your submission to [email protected]

Deadline: January 2nd 2012, once I receive all the submissions I will foward them to my cohosts and we will decide on finalists. Then once we decide on finalists we will vote on the podcast for a Grand Prize Winner. Depending on schedule we are looking to announce winners on the Podcast for the week of January 9th 2012.

Rules and the full post can be found here on their website.

#02 At The Gala by Spiritto

Originally it was just the RD picture that Spiritto submitted to us, but I double checked and see Twilight is now in the gallery.  We’ll showcase the full set once its done, I know I’ve seen your work cross my da messages.

#03 Friendship is Witchcraft interviewed by Qcom
Seems the crew behind the abridged series Friendship is Witchcraft were interviewed by Qcom not too long ago.  You can head over here to Qcom’s youtube channel, the interview itself is split into 10 sections.

#04 Evrefree RP
According to the e-mail submitted by Atticus Lepidus, a slice of life, status-net based rp channel.  Each character registered requires authorization by an admin or mod, no crossovers, mary sues or gary stus.  Everything is urged to stay within the MLP realm and canon.

#05 Fandom Creation by NAME

#06 Pony Symphonic Poem – “A Doctor in Ponyville” by YourEnimga

#07 Pony Outfits for Little Big World
Seems a person has gone out and made pony style outfits for Little Big Planet.  There’s a video found here on youtube showing each character (cell phone recording a tv/monitor).  I’ve never played the game, but a message appeared on the video saying you had to play this guy’s level to gain access to them.

#08 Ponycast Podcast
Reviewtopia.net, the Internet city of future and the home of amazing talent from throughout the world. Is pleased to announce the newest podcast planned for launch before the end of the year, The PonyCast.

Led by Enigma he will welcome his co-stars RedPoet and Lady Kaeru every week to discuss the world of the new generation of My Little Pony, including new episodes and the world of fandom as a whole.

As of now the podcast is looking to launch within the next 2 weeks on Reviewtopia.net. The Ponycast is looking to feature all forms of pony fandom from Music Videos, fanart, stories and of course custom music that we will feature during the podcast.

To submit fan contributions, contact Enigma.

Video of announcement at Shadocon 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fWuE0Kn2jA&feature=youtu.be
I quickly checked their website, currently they have a pilot episode and an episode 1, last done on December 16th, so they’re definitely up and running.  The above is copypasta from their submission.

Derpy’s Mailbag #02

by ~snelahestar

Time to see what we got in Derpy’s Mailbag, our collection of random submissions since the last Mailbag.  Side note, if you sent something in before the 10th, it got lost.  Long story short, when we changed over the domain to the site, my e-mail accounts for some reason decided to douche its inbox clean, and I know I lost a few things.  Anyways, on with the show.

#01 My Little RPG by The Code Pony
Like text based games?  Well the text MLPRPG being created by the Code Pony is looking for testers and helpers.  Here is some copypasta taken from the blog. (http://mylittleponyrpg.blogspot.com/)

Goodness, has it really been a week since my last post?
Since the last update, I’ve continued my overhaul of the weapon system, which has carried over into the item system. I’m on the verge of a very functional, modular, and intuitive system for me as the programmer, which will hopefully allow me a great deal of flexibility with defining and using new items and weapons. Baby steps . . .
Updating the blog with a post *shudder* can be intimidating. I worry about not having enough to say to warrant a new post. This has been a consistent problem with me and blogs, and rather than becoming discouraged and leaving those following the blog hanging for weeks on end, I’ve decided to explore other options. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning the blog in any sense, but I am starting a Twitter! That way, I can post bite-sized updates to the Twitter as they happen, easing the wait in between posts here, which will be of the the larger, meatier serving size. Check it out (perhaps a follow as well?) over here: http://twitter.com/#!/TheCodePony

Likewise, I’ve been considering extending my testing base beyond my immediate friends and family. If you’re interested, please send me an email at [email protected] or tweet me. I’ll select three testers from the first ten to message me for this first trial run, and we’ll see how it goes from there. (PLEASE NOTE: This game is in a pre-alpha state. It is essentially a collection of proof-of-concepts at the moment, requires the installation of the Visual C++ Redistributable, and needs to be broken repeatedly by a team of dedicated testers. If you’re still interested, then let’s talk. Have your people call my people, or something like that . . .)

Loving the cooler weather. Stay warm, everypony!
The Code Pony

#02 – Vinyl Hardstyle by  

#03 – Lesson Zero with Ren & Stimpy Background Music by  

#04 – Skrillex: First Pony of the Year by  

#05 – Derpy Custom by Vixen
Vixen sent us their custom Derpy made from a Lily Blossom figure.  Awesome.

#06 Derpy Custom by Vincent Chiantelli

Another Derpy custom, this one comes with accessories.  Vincent also does other customs in general, seen here.

#07 Photoshop Wallpaper by To_Toro1
Toro sent in some possible wallpaper using some fun light effects.

Derpy’s Mailbag #01

by *ceemdee
Irony:  Renaming Submission Tuesdays to Derpy’s Mailbag because I never get around to posting it exactly on Tuesday, and then posting it on a Tuesday.  Anyways, on with the show.

000 Nightmare Night Derpy
Okay EratosofCyrene, you are having waaaay too much fun with Plush Derpy (never a bad thing).  But she does look cute in her paper bags :)

000 Nightmare Night Lantern Light
Well it may be the day after Halloween, but still this is a cool Nightmare Moon pumpkin.

000 Luna Painting
Awesome painting is awesome.  From the Story Dragon.

000 Exoplanet Hunters – With Ponies
Since my internet is borked, didn’t get to watch this.  Seems to be an explanation of finding Exoplanets while using ponies to help explain.

000 South England Bronies
If meetups are your thing and you’re from across the pond in the southern UK, here’s a site dedicated in getting a meetup going in Southern old England.

000 The Elements of Halloween
A little comic about the Elements of Halloween.  Link above.

by ~Cayoke

000 3d Applejack
We featured I think Cayoke’s Fluttershy a few weeks ago, still insane, now I ponder if she’s solid or hallow inside (equating to more blocks placed).

God is a Pinkie Pie by theponiesofequestria

As We Stumble Along by TheDrowsyFool