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Derpy’s Skymall #27

by ~xkappax

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Folly here once again to give you the very highest form of wallet torture… ponies!

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Derpy’s Skymall #26: the artist edition

by ~Caligon-BOOM

Hello everybody! Welcome to a very special Skymall! So often while I’m doing my rounds I tend to ignore the commission artists and hobbyists in favor of the premade goods, but it being the off-season, very little is going up on ebay and I rarely receive submissions… so this week, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite pony-crafters and their work, rather than the standard item-by-item setup. Read on to see some EXTREME TALENT!

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Derpy’s Skymall #25

by ~kres0185

It’s that time again! What time, exactly? Why, 4:57 at the time of writing this! Oh, and also Skymall time.

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Derpy’s Skymall #24

by ~Kelsea-Chan

Right so…. I skipped last week, which was sorta lame of me, whoops! But I return, so you can all rejoice or whatever. Stuff after the break!!

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Derpy’s Skymall #23

by ~labba94

Hello everybody, and welcome to the first on-time Skymall in quite a while! How did I do it? Why, magic, of course! So ready your wallets, we’re going to war! Or, um, something..

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Derpy’s Skymall #22

by ~Natsu714

Time for another weeks’ Skymall! Is everybody ready? Then let’s goooo!

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Derpy’s Skymall #21

by *Miss-Glitter

Look, I’m not even going to make an excuse for my tardiness. Things to want and buy after the break!

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