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Super Ponybeat – Discord 2015 featuring Odyssey


Well even after we kind of faded out the community features, Eurobeat (Brony) Odyssey has traditionally been a staple here on DHN.  Back in the very early days as the music scene of the community was just being born, we use to feature YouTube embeds of all of Odyssey’s work.  In celebration of the 5th anniversary of ponies, Odyssey has posted up a re-make of his song, Discord.

I’ve wanted to re-make Discord for quite some time now, if only as a reflection of the kind of progress I’ve made as a musician since I put the original together.

Now that today, October 10, is the fifth anniversary of MLP:FiM’s first episode, which predates my first release somewhat, I thought I’d celebrate by finally unleashing it on the world. Video coming soon. <3

You’ve all been the very best fans a musician could ask for, and I’m glad to finally reward your patience.

Muffin Theater – Fluffle Puff Tales: Tug Of War


This week’s Muffin Theater – Fluffle Puff Tales: Tug Of War.  Video after the page break.

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Tara Strong joins TOGM; Bid on a Lauren Faust Commish

lauren faust commission preview

TARA STRONG joins TOGM; bid on a LAUREN FAUST commish!

The Old Grey Mare is delighted to welcome you to an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Getting YOUR PONY drawn by LAUREN FAUST herself!

But the epicness doesn’t stop there. Join The Old Grey Mare and co-host TARA STRONG (yes, the voice of Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles, Harley Quinn, Dil Pickles, Raven, Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein… need we go on?) as they interview a star-studded cast of the hottest fan VAs, plus several pro VAs who got their start in the fan VA world.

Plus, did we mention Ms. Faust may make an appearance on the show itself? You won’t want to miss this! And it’s all for a great cause: All proceeds from the charity auction for the Lauren Faust commission will benefit the Wildlife Learning Center, per Ms. Faust’s own request.

The fun starts at 8PM Eastern US / 5PM Pacific on Sunday, January 11, 2015. A link to tune in will be posted on the top of The Old Grey Mare’s website approximately 10-15 minutes before the show.

(If the show’s already underway, you can TUNE IN HERE!)

The guest roster includes:
• BaldDumboRat, fan voice of Derpy;
• Brittany Lauda, professional VA, former fan VA;
EileMonty, voice of Button’s Mom, fan voice of Octavia (et al);
• Kira Buckland, professional VA, former fan VA;
• MEMJ, fan voice of Celestia;
• Meredith Sims, fan voice of numerous ponies;
Nowacking, the fan voice of DJ Pon-3;
• revler897, fan voice of Discord.

That’s right, EIGHT amazing VAs, all being interviewed by TOGM along with the Queen of Bronies, the woman of a thousand voices, Tara Strong. This is going to be one for the record books.

So be sure to set aside that time slot! Sunday evening, January 11, 2015, 8PM Eastern US, 7PM Central, 5PM Pacific… be there!

Interview: Woodlore

Gift-Woodlore by CarnivorousCaribou

Gift-Woodlore by CarnivorousCaribou


The hiatus can be hard on us all. Without new content to inspire it can be hard for some artists to crank out new content. On the other hand it is a great time for new talent to arise and fill the gap with the seasonal regulars. Recently I had the pleasure to sit down and interview one such rising talent over Skype to get some light insight into why he decided to make music in a genre we don’t see too often in this fandom.

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Fluffle Puff Tales: Nightmare Night 2

I need to stop making these so long.

DJ Hackamore’s Album Winter Smash Up

Winter Smash Up


This series of albums comes to us from an artist credited as Hackamore. If you go to Hackamore’s channel at the moment only contains two of the albums in their entirely and a collab with Megaphoric. Hackamore, however does seem to be credited with the song “Don’t Come Back Luna” on the Rainbow’s and Rooted compilation Four’s Fall Down. Looking through my own collection of fandom music I was able to locate another track; a collab between Hackamore and Le Soldat Pony called “Eternity.”

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Sunday Morning Comics #82

This weekend in the United States is Labor Day Weekend, a national holiday where we celebrate our accomplishments of being an active worker, or at least walking to the mailbox to collect our government cheese.  It is also considered the closing of Summer for most, kids and college students go back to work and we all wait for the harsh cold of winter to be upon us.  Here at the site, it means the gears start rolling again, and thus the return of Sunday Morning Comics every other week.

I am currently looking to expand this post beyond ponies to include fan made comics of our other covered shows.  Seen any?  Hit up our submit box.  A mega large Sunday Morning Comics after the page break.

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