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Ratings Corner – MLP “Filli Vanilli” and LPS “Shanghai Hi-Jinks”

It turns out many found that Fluttershy had the music. “Filli Vanilli” drew 584,000 viewers making it the 4th most-watched episode in the series. When you throw the viewership from Sunday’s encore (305,000 and 6th place), the combined viewership is 3rd-best this season behind the season premiere (1.05 M median for both parts) and “Rarity Takes Manehattan” (910,000).

Should another episode draw more than 505,000 viewers, then “The Crystal Empire” would end up being the sole non-Season Four episode in the top ten all-time most viewed episodes.

MLP occupied half of the top 20 this week.

MLP Season 4:

  • Episodes as of February 21st:  14
  • High:  733,000 (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1”, 11/23/13)
  • Low:  397,000 (“Daring Don’t”, 12/7/13)
  • Season-to-Date Average Viewership:  550,142
  • First Half Average Viewership:  547,538
  • Highest Placing:  1st (12 times)
  • Lowest Placing:  2nd (twice)
  • Average Placing:  1st
Most Watched MLP Episodes:
  • 1.  Princess Twilight Sparkle (721,000 for both parts)
  • 2.  Power Ponies (683,000)
  • 3.  The Crystal Empire (601,000 for both parts)
  • 4.  Filli Vanilli (584,000)
  • 5.  Flight to the Finish (568,000)
  • 6.  Simple Ways (554,000)
  • 7.  Bats! (531,000)
  • 8.  Rarity Takes Manehattan (527,000)
  • 9.  Rainbow Falls (514,000)
  • 10.  Wonderbolts Academy (505,000)

Things are also starting to look up for LPS. “Shanghai Hi-Jinks” set a high for first-run viewership this season at 309,000 which was good for 5th place among Hub Network programming. Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s re-airing of “Sweet Pepper” also landed in the top 10 with Saturday’s encore in 7th and Sunday’s in a tie for 10th. The most viewed episode overall so far this season is still a rerun of “The Big Feathered Parade” which aired right after the premier of “Power Ponies” (388,000).

LPS Season 2:
  • Episodes as of February 21st:  17
  • High:  309,000 (“Shanghai Hi-Jinks, 2/15/14)
  • Low:  163,000 (“What, Meme Worry?”, 12/7/13)
  • Season-to-Date Average Viewership:  233,765
  • First Half Average Viewership:  234,384
  • Second Half Average Viewership to Date:  231,750
  • Highest Placing:  1st (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9/13)
  • Lowest Placing:  35th (“Missing Blythe”, 11/2/13)
  • Average Placing:  16th

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“Filli Vanilli” Episode Guide

414 – “Filli Vanilli”

Written by Amy Keating Rogers
“The entire community is looking forward to a performance by music group the Ponytones until one of its members is unable to participate in the show; Fluttershy takes action in an effort to guarantee that the show goes on without a hitch.”
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