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New Hasbro Game “Restore the Elements of Magic”


Hasbro has published a new game entitled “Restore the Elements of Magic.”

It is loosely inspired by the season 3 finale, so you play Twilight—curiously already endowed with wings—trying to restore the shattered and scattered elements to her friends. On the first level, Applejack does most of the real work bucking trees to reveal the fragments; on the second level, Fluttershy is crucial in consoling some worried critters; then Rarity does her part in compromising national security by blindfolding or -hatting guards for you; Rainbow Dash bucks some clouds out of the way, so you can navigate an aerial labyrinth of towers; and finally Pinkie Pie assists you in the same way, with the exception that she destroys priceless pieces of artwork in the process.

The game play is accompanied with instrumental versions of several songs from the show: BarnSong.mp3, CutieMark.mp3, Final.mp3, LifeEquestria.mp3, MorningPonyville.mp3, and TrueFriend.mp3.

Some graphic assets are listed after the break.
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Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend


We at Legends of Equestria are excited to announce another Open Server Weekend for January 24th-26th! The game will be available to play that entire weekend.

The servers will open to the public at 12:01am EST on January 24th and close at 11:59pm on the 26th. The game will be available through the downloads page. Please note that you must have a forum account before you can log in to the servers. It is highly suggested that you register before the 24th, as the servers will be very busy once the weekend starts!

If you don`t have an account already, you can register here.

You can see the system requirements for Legends of Equestria here.

The Open Server weekend will coincide with our panel at Ohayocon, 2014! Learn more about our first convention appearance of 2014 here,


About Legends of Equestria

Legends of Equestria is an in-development community-made massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game will contain many gameplay elements including character customization, player socialization, minigame competitions, and group combat. This volunteer project will fill the niche of having a large and entertaining online world in an environment safe for children. The team behind Legends of Equestria is made up of over 60 skilled volunteers from around the world. With over 35,000 users already registered before the game’s release, Legends of Equestria has established a large pool of interest and high potential among its user base.

Disney Channel Photo Contest with Neat Little Assets


While we’re on the general topic of things, pipsqueakzenith noticed that Disney Channel has published a Facebook app that allows you partake in a contest for being featured on their wall. Codythemaverick kindly informed me of this development.

More importantly, it contains a series of really neat little images that ask to be superimposed on all sorts of photos, not just on Facebook. As another extra, they’ve thrown in some frames and quotes.

By the way, they have a rule against unhealthy food (“Do not include unhealthy foods in your photos (no soda, no candy)”) but none against submitting documentation of your latest Fear and Loathing reenactment.

I just noticed the Cutie Mark Crusaders or “CMC” reference in the header image. Lovely! (Even though I’m probably imagining it.)

New Memory Match Browser Game from Hasbro

Wallpapers-13 (Derpy!)

Hasbro has published a new browser game entitled “Memory Match Game.” Either against a clock or without, you can play pairs under the attentive and eminently adorable eyes of Princess Twilight herself. Clock is ticking! (Or “Tick-tock, time’s running out,” as Jayson Thiessen put it at BroNYCon September 2011 before the episode had aired.)

The rewards you can receive appear to be determined by your time setting, but the game eats so much CPU on my computer that I only played it for a few seconds. In any case, they seem to be limited to fifteen full-HD snapshots from Magical Mystery Cure, and their URLs are easy to find even if you deactivated Flash in your browser.


Gameloft My Little Pony iOS/Android Update 1.6 Now Available

Equestria Girls Mini Game

Equestria Girls Mini Game in Gameloft My Little Pony Update

Gameloft has updated their My Little Pony game on iOS and Android platforms to 1.6. This update includes Twilight Sparkle as an alicorn with coronation and an Equestria Girls Dance mini-game. Check below for all the details and get to downloading on your favorite Android/iOS device today!


-Witness Twilight Sparkle’s coronation.
-5 new decorations to commemorate this royal event.
– New Mini-Game: Dance to the music with the Equestria Girls.
– Play as one of the 6 main characters.
– 4 stylish outfits for each character.
– 3 great songs.
– 3 animated backgrounds rendered in 3D.
– Unlock special prizes.”

New Disney Game “Monstober – Haunted Hunt” With Lord Hater Car


Disney has published a new game to celebrate their “Monstober” event. The game “Monstober – Haunted Hunt” also contains Wander Over Yonder–inspired items such as the car above. If you are outside the US, you can open the embed directly.

Thanks to pipsqueakzenith for the tip.

Monstober Special of Galactic Rescue Game

Disney has published a Monstober special edition of the Galactic Rescue game. I’ve cropped the screenshot above a little, so it doesn’t give away the “trick.” Have fun!

If you are outside the US, use a proxy or open the game itself.