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Nightmare Night–Themed Ponymaker Game on Hubworld

The Fabulous PonyMakerThe Hub just published a new pony maker app on their website. The game entitled “The Fabulous PonyMaker: Trick or Treat” allows you, as usual, to assemble a pony from various body parts and items of apparel, but what is new is that these parts are now Nightmare Night–themed.

The above is just the result of clicking the “random” button a few times. You can certainly do better.


Galactic Greetings: Send Postcards from the Worlds Wander Wanders

Disney has put up another new game or rather what The Hub would probably call an “activity”: They let you create greeting cards from alien planets.

Check it out!

Here the background music: common/background.mp3

Two fonts of the same typeface: fonts/avenir_next_bold_yellow.fnt, fonts/avenir_next_heavy_black.fnt

All the artwork assets: bootstrap/bg_texture.jpg, bootstrap/progress_bg.png, bootstrap/progress_reveal.png, bootstrap/transition/atlas0.png, common/activity_bg.jpg, common/activity_title.png, common/activity_ui/atlas0.png, common/backgrounds/1.jpg, common/backgrounds/2.jpg, common/backgrounds/3.jpg, common/backgrounds/4.jpg, common/backgrounds/5.jpg, common/backgrounds/6.jpg, common/backgrounds/7.jpg, common/backgrounds/8.jpg, common/backgrounds/9.jpg, common/button_back.png, common/icons/thumb_sample.jpg, common/stickers/blaster1.png, common/stickers/camera.png, common/stickers/cookie.png, common/stickers/corndog.png, common/stickers/discoball.png, common/stickers/dontbeahater.png, common/stickers/galactivepostcard.png, common/stickers/greetings.png, common/stickers/hater-hug-final.png, common/stickers/hatersthrone.png, common/stickers/heartssticker.png, common/stickers/howdypardner.png, common/stickers/icecreamcone.png, common/stickers/lordhater2.png, common/stickers/lordhater3.png, common/stickers/lordhater4.png, common/stickers/lordhater.png, common/stickers/lordhatersship.png, common/stickers/moseyonover.png, common/stickers/orbleBottle.png, common/stickers/peeprs_presentation.png, common/stickers/pizza.png, common/stickers/ridethingy.png, common/stickers/sandwich2.png, common/stickers/sandwich.png, common/stickers/shipsticker.png, common/stickers/stroll-final.png, common/stickers/swordsticker.png, common/stickers/syliva-hug-final.png, common/stickers/sylvia.png, common/stickers/sylvia-ride-final.png, common/stickers/taco.png, common/stickers/throne.png, common/stickers/wagonsticker.png, common/stickers/wishyouwerehere.png, common/title_bg.jpg, common/wander_logo.png, fonts/avenir_next_bold_yellow.png, fonts/avenir_next_heavy_black.png

(They now also have a dedicated games page for Wander Over Yonder.)

Global Wandering: New Wander Over Yonder Game

Disney has published a new Wander Over Yonder game for y’all to enjoy!

Play it here!

Music and sound effects: common/background.mp3, common/winning-music.mp3, main/sounds/Click.mp3, main/sounds/hater/hater1.mp3, main/sounds/hater/hater2.mp3, main/sounds/hater/hater3.mp3, main/sounds/hater/hater4.mp3, main/sounds/hater/hater5.mp3, main/sounds/IceViewLvl1.mp3, main/sounds/MeteorViewLvl-.mp3, main/sounds/MountainViewLvl1.mp3, main/sounds/MountainViewLvl3.mp3, main/sounds/NatureViewLvl-.mp3, main/sounds/Rollover.mp3, main/sounds/WaterViewLvl-.mp3

The typeface: fonts/AvenirPro-Heavy-White-45.fnt, fonts/AvenirPro-Heavy-Yellow-45.fnt, fonts/AvenirPro-Heavy-Yellow-45-withStroke.fnt

Artwork assets: bootstrap/bg_texture.jpg, bootstrap/orientation_ipad.png, bootstrap/orientation_iphone.png, bootstrap/progress_bg.png, bootstrap/progress_reveal.png, bootstrap/rotate_msg.png, common/btn-bg-big.png, common/btn-help.png, common/btn-mute-off.png, common/btn-mute-on.png, fonts/AvenirPro-Heavy-White-45.png, fonts/AvenirPro-Heavy-Yellow-45.png, fonts/AvenirPro-Heavy-Yellow-45-withStroke.png, instructions/arrow.png, instructions/hater-image.png, instructions/instructions-bg.jpg, instructions/instructions_designs.jpg, instructions/magma-mountain.png, instructions/planet-meteor.png, instructions/planet-water.png, instructions/story-bg.jpg, main/empty-planet-slot.png, main/game-bg.jpg, main/hater-in-bubble.png, main/hater-ship.png, main/hint-btn-bg.png, main/hint-number-bg.png, main/hint-number-locked.png, main/lose.png, main/modal-bg.png, main/modal-close.png, main/planet-ice.png, main/planet-magma.png, main/planet-meteor.png, main/planet-nature.png, main/planet_objects/atlas0.png, main/planet_objects/atlas1.png, main/planet-picker-bg.png, main/planet-used-mark.png, main/planet-water.png, main/popup-bg.png, main/title-boretopia.png, main/title-canyonland.png, main/title-nowaterslideia.png, main/title-soggyattle.png, main/title-volcanoville.png, main/wander-in-bubble.png, main/win.png, title/title-bg.jpg, title/title_designs.jpg, title/title-wander-character.png, title/wonder-logo.png

(They now also have a dedicated games page for Wander Over Yonder.)

Galactic Rescue: Disney’s New Game for Wander Over Yonder

Wander Over Yonder – Galactic Rescue

Help Wander and Sylvia high-five the galactic citizens and rescue them from Lord Hater’s negative emotions!

Now it should also be playable for people outside the US who don’t have a proxy server there and thus can’t access it on Disney’s pages.

Update: That used to work. Anyway, play it here.

Galactic Rescue Game from Disney: Artwork and Music

The description from Disney:

Wander Over Yonder – Galactic Rescue

Help Wander and Sylvia high-five the galactic citizens and rescue them from Lord Hater’s negative emotions!

Check it out here.

Update: Or play it right here on Tumblr.

Here’s also the music from the game:

  1. “Game Music”
  2. “Menu Music”
  3. “Ship Music”
  4. “Theme Loop”

Here also the sound effects, in case you want to use them as notification sounds for your phone, instant messenger, email client, etc.: balloon-pop-1.mp3, balloon-pop-2.mp3, balloon-pop-3.mp3, balloon-squeak-1.mp3, balloon-squeak-2.mp3, balloon-squeak-3.mp3, blow-bubble.mp3, bubble-up.mp3, click.mp3, electricity.mp3, hater-1.mp3, hater-2.mp3, hater-3.mp3, hater-fly.mp3, hit1.mp3, hit2.mp3, hit3.mp3, hit4.mp3, hit5.mp3, jump.mp3, laser.mp3, pop.mp3, power-up.mp3, score1.mp3, score2.mp3, score3.mp3, score4.mp3, ship.mp3, slap.mp3, slide-down.mp3, zap.mp3.

My Little Pony Avatar Items on Xbox Live Marketplace (UPDATE: Theme and Gamer Pics Added)

Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Rainbow Dash Hoodie

For the dozen of you who enjoy paying for clothes and items for your Xbox Live Avatar, then you’ll love this bit of news. You can now purchase hoodies of the Mane 6 (both for female AND male avatars), a backback/T-shirt, and even a My Little Dashie (i.e, pet Rainbow Dash). Hoodies go for 160 MS Points ($2 USD), backpack at 240 MS Points ($3 USD), and the Rainbow Dash pet goes for a modest 320 MS Points ($4 USD).

You can purchase them all here and become the ultimate brony on Xbox Live! All we need now is a certain ‘Fan Favorite’ pony hoodie and I’ll certainly be one happy brony.

UPDATE (7/30/2013): My Little Pony continues to invade the Xbox Live Marketplace with now Gamer Pics and a Premium Theme to purchase. Check it out here.