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My Little Karaoke Beta update.

The team behind My Little Karaoke recently released an update to their game.


Hello everyone!

This new MyLittleKaraoke update is a bit specific, and also much lighter to download as it contains no new songs (distributed separately). Instead of focusing on a song pack here, we’re moving to an updated engine called UltrastarDX World Party, packing new and fun features.

UltrastarDX World Party is still beta software at this point. While there shouldn’t be any game-breaking bugs (yes, it’s safe to use), a few limitations exists for now; the two most notable ones is that it’s only available for Windows users, and that static backgrounds are not automatically displayed at first. But it brings duet songs support and online leadearboards (come and beat our best scores)!

We’ve also updated the game launcher, introducing a new way of downloading songs. You’ll be able to play new songs much sooner in-between usual ISO releases, which might come quite in handy in a few days as more are made available! Songs are packed in a .mlk format and can be added to the game with merely a double-click. We’ll keep you posted on our @MyLittleKaraoke Twitter account when new content is ready for you to play.

New Windows features:

  • New launcher – download new songs much sooner!
  • Duets!
  • Online competitive leaderboards
  • Six players on a single screen (no need for two screens)

New OS X feature:

  • New launcher – download new songs much sooner!

The online leaderboards require an account, you can create one here!
You can download the update on their website, here!

New Spoilers for MLP: Collectible Card Game, Crystal Games Expansion


Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

At last! news is starting about the Crystal Games! Some great tidbits about some specific cards, and more below the break!

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MLP CCG: Set 2 Confirmed for April 2014 “Canterlot Nights”


Set two has been confirmed as “Canterlot Nights” for release in April 2014, check below the break for more information!

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Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend Begins



If you’re looking for some online entertainment, Legends of Equestria has just kicked off their open server weekend where anyone can beta test the pony based MMO.  Details on how to login and such are found on their forum board, with copypasta of that post after the page break.  Good luck.

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MLP CCG: Ultra Pro announces MLP Deck Boxes


Ultra Pro’s Rainbow Dash Deck box preview

Via their Facebook page, Ultra Pro announced their MLP CCG deck boxes!  Among them are Trixie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity! Pre orders and things related are sure soon to follow, check ’em out over here!

MLP CCG Design and Devs: Ask us almost anything.

Applejack Promo

Applejack Promo

Over the passed week on Reddit, since the opening of r/MLPCCG, the Design and Dev team has been answering almost every question in a “AUAA”, more over here, and a transcript after the page break.

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MLP: CCG Friday Night Friendship, The Solar Winds Loop

Solar Winds, Enterprising Astronomer

Solar Winds, Enterprising Astronomer, Provided by Ponyhead

Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Friendship! Tonight I’m going to go over a combo recently pointed out by Krysto, a fellow volunteer for events, and what this might mean for future game play. This and more after the break!

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