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Dave Polsky Pre-Episode Twitter Q&A for Daring Don’t

With Q&As and AMAs becoming a normal Saturday Morning fixture for ponies, this weeks writer Dave Polsky takes to Twitter to answer everyone’s questions. A transcript of the questions and answers can be found after the page break. Also at the time this article is being posted, Dave Polsky is still available for questions.

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“Castle Mane-ia” Episode Guide (Streams & Feeds)

S4e03 – Castle Mane-ia

Written by Josh Haber
Twilight and Spike are sent by Celestia to the ruins of her old castle for research, and unknown to each other, the rest of the ponies find their way there as well. Meanwhile, trap doors, secret passages and a dark presence known only as the Shadow Pony await them.
DN Rating: TBA
YouTube Channels
Video Feeds
  • 1080
  • 720
  • 480
  • DH1080
  • DH720
  • DH360
Any additional streams that wish to be listed, please contact [email protected]
Production Bits

Videos after the page break.

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Many New Promos for Season 4 Episodes

The mareathon leading up to the season premiere already featured scenes from upcoming episodes, “Daring Don’t” and “Power Ponies” among them, and more promos were broadcast during the episode.

Spazz has been recoding them, and we’ll add them to this post as he manages to encode and upload them.

Find them after the break.

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“Princess Twilight Sparkle” Episode Guide

S4e01 & S4e02 – Princess Twilight Sparkle

Written by Meghan McCarthy
The fourth season begins with a revealing two-part premiere in which the newly crowned Princess Twilight must balance her new royal duties and her friendship with the other ponies. Amid preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot, Princesses Celestria [sic] and Luna go missing and the Everfree Forest is taking over Equestria. These unexpected turn of events sends Princess Twilight and her pony friends on a quest to discover a mysterious foe who threatens to destroy everything. It is all up to Princess Twilight and her friends to help save Equestria from being destroyed. As part of the journey, Princess Twilight is given the chance to discover the secret behind the Elements of Harmony.
DN Rating: 8/10

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“The Hat” Episode Guide


Disney Channel decided to celebrate today’s unbirthday of Johnny Depp with the Wander Over Yonder episode “The Hat,” written by Tim McKeon.

When Wander gets lost on a dangerous planet, Sylvia must learn to trust Wander’s magical hat and its mysterious ways, in order to find her buddy before it’s too late. —Disney Channel press release

Furthermore it’s one of those weeks where you can expect a release from iTunes and YayPonies.

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Episodic Storyline for “Daring Don’t”

Kryptonlogic just published the episodic storyline for the 4th episode of season 4, “Daring Don’t.”

Synopsis/storyline of “Daring Don’t”

“Daring Don’t” — When Rainbow Dash discovers that the new A.K. Yearling book she has been eagerly anticipating is delayed, she recruits her reluctant pony friends to spring into action to ensure the book gets written. However, when the ponies arrive to help the famous author, they soon discover that A.K. Yearling has a secret that sends Rainbow Dash and her pony friends on an unexpected mission, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, December 7 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

The guest cast also features the characters Ahuizotl (Brian Drummond), A.K. Yearling (Chiara Zanni), and Dr. Caballeron (Michael Dobson). We reported on Michael Dobson’s possible involvement in July.

Beyond what their post reveals, the original copy of the press release also contains the insight that the episode is written by Dave Polsky.

Attached was also a frame from the episode.

Image from “Daring Don’t”

Daring Don’t

“Princess Twilight Sparkle” Preview via My Little Pony Facebook

More Season 4 premiere previews being published. This time via a video clip from the My Little Pony Facebook page.

After the break.

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