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SU Review: Letters to Lars

Here are a few short stories about Beach City from Steven to help Lars catch up with things at home. Mayor Dewey is feeling worthless after no longer being mayor. Nanafue organizes an emergency plan in case gems attack again. Pearl has a cell phone! Ronaldo and Greg are lookouts and now have a huge telescope to work with. Sadie Killer and the Suspects are planning their show in Beach City. Jamie has formed an improv group featuring Amethyst, Peridot, Barb, and Mr. Smiley. Peedee has taken over Bill Dewey former van and turned it into a food truck for tater tots. Oh, the Big Donut is still closed and Mayor Dewey is still feeling useless. Steven puts two and two together and Bill Dewey is now running the Big Donut and a gives a few to Lars’s parents.

This episode was a breather and a (no pun intended) gem. Everything about this episode was fun and it was tied together nicely by finding a new purpose for the former mayor given all the changes that have occurred recently. And we all cannot wait for Lars to meet Peridot for the first time!