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Friendship Games Trailer and Air Date, SDCC Exclusives

USA Today has posted an article on the next Equestria Girls movie, Friendship Games, which is slated to air on September 26th on Discovery Family, and contains a trailer for the movie, which can be seen above.

The article also has news on exclusive toys available at San Diego Comic Con. On the pony side will be Pinkie Pie in her Nightmare Night chicken costume, and the Equestria Girls exclusive will be human Twilight Sparkle in lab gear, which comes with Spike in his dog form, a locker bookshelf, and a necklace which can be used to unlock bonus features in the Equestria Girls app. Check out pictures of the toys after the break.

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My Little Pony Season Four Set Coming December

91BsO-fdROL._SL1500_Pony fans have a something they can put on their wishlist for this coming Christmas. The entire fourth season of Friendship is Magic will be available on DVD December 2nd, and is available for pre-order on Amazon right now!

New Toys: Baby Pony, Extra Large Brushables


Hasbro has toys listed on its own MLP page, separate from the toy shop, and has added a few new toys. The thing that’s most new is Tickle ‘N Gigglin’ Lily, a new baby pony toy. She has a unique filly on the packaging, which is a really nice touch!

BD536E4650569047F5DFB32CAD3682B9There’s also some extra large brushables listed as well. They’re about the size of fashion styles but are completely new molds. A full run down and pictures are after the break. Read more →

Styling Fluttershy and Equestria Girls Trixie on Their Way

tumblr_inline_myaz3izsnS1qdgyc5This Fluttershy mold has been floating around for awhile, and we here at Derpy News thought her a fake, mainly because of the fact that her wings are on her butt like a lot of Chinese knock-offs. Turns out she is, in fact, real, in all her awful mold glory. She’s a part of the rainbow power line and is meant for hair styling and accessories. She also comes with a bunny that is a lot more show accurate than previous MLP pets.

Over on the official Equestria Girls site, a newcomer popped up on the toy page. With no image and no more data, all we know is that Trixie is going to get a $24.99 release. Some people managed to copy the item description before it was nuked, and it seems that Trixie will include lots of hair extensions and a double neck guitar to fit in the other musical Equestria Girls dolls.

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