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Hasbro Announces New Merchandise


If you do a ctrl+f search for MY LITTLE PONY on Hasbro’s Investor Relations Newsletter, you’ll find that there are a bunch of new merchandise that aren’t toys slated to be released in the undetermined future

In case you don’t want to search through ALL THAT SMALL TEXT here’s a rundown of what to look out for in the coming months:

-Bedding (To be determined, the final contracts have yet to be signed at the time of the letter’s posting.)


-Flip Flops (Sethisto made a funny referencing Gilda.)

-More Shirts (how about some men’s sizes?!)

-Toothpaste and Toothbrushes (I almost got the orajel pack, I had to stop myself from being a moran and ditched it in a random aisle in walmart.)

And if you have kids/are a collector.

-My Little Pony Ride-Ons (like those battery operated jeeps and barbie cars all the cool kids had and drive around in.)

[Equestria Daily]


Don’t be hatin, you know you want one.

Hoppip sent this one over, he has assembled a pretty decent looking Parasprite plush. It’s like the perfect size too.

Then there’s the Rarity plush that popped up on EvilSugar’s dA. They mentioned that they are accepting commissions for one of your very own! (Just don’t overwhelm em ok?)

Custom Pony Patches

Sew-On Patches are being sold by a friend that goes by Rann. These bad boys feature the cutie marks of the mane cast, much like the pony pins. (I got mine last week, just thought you guys should know. )

The twist is that that every patch sold includes a $.50 donation to a charity of the buyer\’s choice, which includes: Child\’s Play(default), Ronald McDonald House, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Barrel of Monkeys, Project Night-Night, Convoy of Hope-Joplin Tornado, Architecture for Humanity-Japan, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Quantities are limited to about 50 of each patch, so buyers need to hurry!

Patches are $5 each plus $2 shipping for 10 or less.

Link to the store: http://bronypatches.ecrater.com/
Feedback Thread on Ponychan: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/merch/res/14719.html

Soundtrack CD Petition

Another letter in the news mailbox, today’s a good day.

Senn555 of Ponychan is currently looking for signatures on a petition to show musical people that there is a need for a soundtrack album of FiM.  Here is the Ponychan post (and link).

Also remember Ingram will be interviewed on the 26th.


Okay, here’s the deal. 

I’m a HUGE soundtrack / film music aficionado, and as such, I personally know and can get in touch with many people working in the soundtrack industry. I’ve mentioned Friendship is Magic to several of them, but no one is willing to even touch this unless they see that the demand is there. 

That is where this comes into play – I threw together this petition earlier today: 


If we’re going to see a soundtrack album released on CD (or at least, increase the odds that it will happen), I need to gather up as many signatures as possible from you pony fans. I’ll send this off to the soundtrack guys once I see that a sizeable number of signatures have been collected. 

Yes, spread the word about this petition, as much as you can! Word of mouth is the #1 factor in ensuring this gets as many signatures as possible. 

Go check it out! 

Thanks for reading~