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MLP CCG Spoilers and Updates for Nov 3, 2014

Some more delays, and some fresh card spoils below the break!

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New Spoilers for MLP: Collectible Card Game, Crystal Games Expansion


Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

At last! news is starting about the Crystal Games! Some great tidbits about some specific cards, and more below the break!

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New Hubworld Game: Rainbow Falls Flight School

rainbow falls flight school

A new game was published today over on the HubWorld called Rainbow Falls Flight School, featuring Rainbow Dash.  I’ve never played the mobile game Flappy Bird, but I do believe this game is running under the same concept.  The game itself is a side scrolling platform where you constantly click your mouse button to keep Dash in the air, collecting various objects from the sky.  There are some side-games you’ll run into, as my quick run through the game got me caught up into this match the horseshoe before it disappears style game.  There are two unlockable characters, and like many of their games, probably some hidden content (possibly screens from the Finale, as we’ve seen them do this before).

From the site..

About the game.

Practice for the aerial relay in Rainbow Falls, so you can qualify for the Equestria Games and unlock pony-riffic prizes.  Good luck!

How to play.

  • Keep your pony aloft by clicking on the left mouse key to make them fly!
  • Once you hit 3 obstacles or go too low, the game is over!
  • Flying through the rainbow rings gives power-ups your pony’s boost bar!  When it’s full, tap the space bar to fly fast!  Your pony will blast past obstacles until the meter runs out.
  • Pick up collectibles along the way to increase your score and keep your pony flapping for the gold!
  • Brown Betty:  multiplies the points you earn by 2, 3 or 5!
  • Puzzle Pieces:  collect to unlock exclusive printables!
  • Medals:  collect for big bonus points.
  • Magic Key:  unlocks other flying ponies!
  • Pegasus Power-Up:  restores one ‘X’ on your hit meter.
  • Golden Horeshoe:  activates a special bonus game and allows you to get extra points.  Place the golden horseshow into the moving blank horseshoe shape and train your brain to perfectly line up everything before time runs out.  If you make a perfect match, do your best to collect the coins and power-ups by scrolling your mouse over the flying prizes.
  • Need more help? Click the “?” icon in the upper right corner of the game.

The game can be found here:

MLP: CCG, Friday Night Friendship: On Good Sportsmanship

519444__safe_solo_rarity_animated_edit_magic_season+4_spoiler-colon-s04e08_rarity+takes+manehattan_ccgWe all know ‘THAT GUY’ Especially to those of us who have played other card games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: The Gathering. Theres usually that guy who’s just an outright jerk, or that guy who takes the game which is partially in the child-age demographic (ages 10+ for MLP: CCG) WAY to seriously. Below the break is a suggestion to how to present yourself, and how to handle those who do not.

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Rarity Promotional Tins finally showing up in Target stores.


Source image by fellow writer here, Allegr0

Rarity Lunch box tins have finally made their way to store shelves with an unexpected surprise! more below.

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CCG Card Spoilers Post

Here’s your current Card Spoiler Wrap-up! Just 3 cards released for the new set so far, information on what below! Read more →

Enterplay CCG/ TC Lunch Box Tins Appearing in Stores

Enterplay has come out with some special promotional lunchbox tins that each contain 3~ TCG card packs, a CCG booster, and a Promo for each! more information below!

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