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Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #1

Hello, Everyone!

Some of you may remember the weekly Musical Interlude series from a while back–well, it’s back, with a new name and a new author!

This is the first Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up!, and also something of an announcement!

I want to hear all the pony music you’re into right now. I want to hear every single note of it. I want to write in italics about it! So, submit music using the submit button on the right side, or submit at Lyra Heartstrings  and you’ll probably see the music you like show up in this list!

I will be playing a little bit of catch-up with all the awesome music all over Lyra Heartstrings, so follow past the break for some excellent tunes!

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Musical Interlude #21 The Youtube is working again edition!

by Empty10

Let’s celebrate a flash based website actually working like it’s supposed to! Yeah!


Songs after the break!

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Musical Interlude #- oh. wait.

By NamelessHero2222

So for those(few) of you who might’ve been wondering, the lack of a musical interlude last and this week, is actually not due to laziness on my part(surprisingly). All the songs I post are from what I get submitted to me, and from my subscriptions(about 200) uploads on youtube for the past week. Well unfortunately, something went wrong in youtubes last update for me, and now when I click load more for my subscriptions, it just reloads the the first page of subscriptions(IE, goes from uploads 1 day ago, back to uploads 6 minutes ago, ad infinitum), as such, I won’t be able to get a post up until this is fixed, if anyone has a solution, or even a work around, please comment or shoot me an email at [email protected], it will be much appreciated.




Musical Interlude #20 The Stanley Cup playoffs edition!

From MLPfanart.com

Or, the New York Rangers are going to take the cup edition!

Music that has absolutely nothing to do with hockey after the break!

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Musical Interlude #19 The Lemony Snicket edition!

Source unknown, someone tell me if you know.

Sadly the flow of incoming music has slowed down since the end of the second season, but I still do have some songs for your perusal, a word which here means enjoyment, after the break!


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Musical Interlude #18: The Super Juicy Edition!

Vinyl Scratch with juice box by Spitshy

Vinyl Scratch with juice box by Spitshy

Now with 50% more vitamin C! Songs after the break. Read more →

Musical Interlude #17 The Super Edition!

By Iamthegreatlyra

Why is it super? Because I say it is! Pony music after the break.

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