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Friends Forever #24 Extended Preview

Friends Forever #24 cover by Jay Fosgitt

Friends Forever #24 cover by Jay Fosgitt

Comic Book Resources has an extended preview of Friends Forever #24, which stars Rarity and Gilda. This issue comes out tomorrow. You can check out the preview after the break.

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MLP Fair Returns to Chicago


The Hasbro-sponsored My Little Pony Fair is returning to Chicago on July 9th and 10th with the Celebration Dinner occurring on Friday, July 8th. It is the first time in the Fair’s 13-year history that it will be in the same metropolitan area in back-to-back years. The venue for the 2016 is to be announced

Last year, it was at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg Northwest of downtown Chicago (which is also the venue for the upcoming Whinny City PonyCon on April 1-3). The 2015 Fair drew a record 2,200 fans and was the first to have staff from the current Friendship is Magic show in Andrea Libman as one of the guests.

The Celebration Dinner the night before the Fair proper is noted for inducted ponies from G1 and G4 (since 2013) into their Hall-of-Fame.

The bad news for fans who wished to go to this convention and BronyCon in Baltimore will now have to make a choice between the two since the latter is also that weekend.


MLP Fair Hall-of-Fame Inductees:


  • 2013:  Bonnie Zacherle (creator)
  • 2014:  Liz Knight (G1 Rainbow Ponies designer)
  • 2015:  Susanne Riette-Keith (G1 Twice as Fancy Ponies designer) & Andrea Libman (voice actress)

G1 Ponies:

  • 2013:  Firefly
  • 2014:  Rainbow Ponies
  • 2015:  Twice as Fancy Ponies

G4 Ponies:

  • 2013:  Pinkie Pie
  • 2014:  Rainbow Dash
  • 2015:  Fluttershy


Friendship is Magic #38 Preview

Friendship is Magic #38 cover by Agnes Garbowska

Friendship is Magic #38 cover by Agnes Garbowska

We have a preview for Friendship is Magic #38 thanks to iTunes. The current given release date is January 13th. Check out the preview after the break.

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Ratings Report: MLP100, StevenBomb 2, and Star

007 - Derpy Scrunchface

For “Slice of Life”, fans around the world joined in meetup groups and/or attended special screenings like yours truly did at MLP-MSP in Minnesota, or even watched online. None of that counts in the 431,000 estimated that watched the show on Discovery Family. Easily the most disappointing figure since “Pinkie Pride’s” 459,000 back on February 1st, 2014.

I have mentioned the challenges repeatedly for MLP to attain the ratings success of Season 4 from the 11-month wait between seasons, the bye weeks within the season, that we’re in Summer, and that it’s on a channel that’s mostly included in premium packages for digital cable and maybe dish providers. The show would easily get more viewers on Cartoon Network or Disney, but they would likely get a lousy time slot as well since it is not their show. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


Steven Universe began the 2nd #StevenBomb on Monday night and just missed the two million mark with “Sworn to the Sword” (1.980M).”Winter Forecast” was the last episode to attain that back on February 19th of this year. Monday’sepisode was the most-watched of Season Two so far and brings its average for the season to 1.663 million per episode.


Star vs. the Forces of Evil also came back on Monday night and drew decent figures in its first new showing since April. The pairing of “Mewberty” and “Pixtopia” drew an estimated 737,000 viewers on Disney XD. That raises its average on Disney XD to 724,200 an episode.

Look to the sidebar at the home page for the latest episodes for each of these shows.

Ratings information for this report comes from Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily and Nielsen Media Research.


My Little Karaoke Beta update.

The team behind My Little Karaoke recently released an update to their game.


Hello everyone!

This new MyLittleKaraoke update is a bit specific, and also much lighter to download as it contains no new songs (distributed separately). Instead of focusing on a song pack here, we’re moving to an updated engine called UltrastarDX World Party, packing new and fun features.

UltrastarDX World Party is still beta software at this point. While there shouldn’t be any game-breaking bugs (yes, it’s safe to use), a few limitations exists for now; the two most notable ones is that it’s only available for Windows users, and that static backgrounds are not automatically displayed at first. But it brings duet songs support and online leadearboards (come and beat our best scores)!

We’ve also updated the game launcher, introducing a new way of downloading songs. You’ll be able to play new songs much sooner in-between usual ISO releases, which might come quite in handy in a few days as more are made available! Songs are packed in a .mlk format and can be added to the game with merely a double-click. We’ll keep you posted on our @MyLittleKaraoke Twitter account when new content is ready for you to play.

New Windows features:

  • New launcher – download new songs much sooner!
  • Duets!
  • Online competitive leaderboards
  • Six players on a single screen (no need for two screens)

New OS X feature:

  • New launcher – download new songs much sooner!

The online leaderboards require an account, you can create one here!
You can download the update on their website, here!

Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! – The Smile Challenge

Source: A Friend in Deed.  Original Airdate: 2/18/2012

Source: A Friend in Deed. Original Airdate: 2/18/2012

Three years ago today, A Friend in Deed aired for the first time.  While Pinkie Pie’s drive to spread laughter and good cheer was always intense, and her motivations always clear, it wasn’t until A Friend in Deed aired that these ideas consolidated into a practical philosophy.  I’m talking about Smile, of course – the song that demonstrates that spreading good cheer can actually be a lifestyle.

To commemorate the anniversary of this fan favorite, let’s do something a little different.
The Smile Challenge:
Make one person – just one person – smile today.   You can do more, of course.  Extra points if you do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do: strike up a conversation with someone at a bus stop; compliment a stranger on their backpack or their shoes; put yourself out there and help somebody – the sort of thing that crosses your mind sometimes, but you don’t ordinarily do because, for whatever reason, you end up holding back.  It can be anything, really, so long as it involves a little extra effort.  The point is to go for that smile!
Now some of us deal with social anxiety, and some of us are just plain more introverted than others.  Not everyone is a social butterfly, and no one on earth is as outgoing as Pinkie Pie, but that doesn’t have to stop us.  Regardless of whether it just involves calling up a friend to tell him/her a joke you heard, or breaking into a three-and-a-half minute song about the importance of spreading good cheer to your fellow man, (and getting your entire hometown to spontaneously sing it with you), we can all do a little something extra to make someone – anyone- smile today.
And that’s what The Smile Challenge is.
Both we at Derpy Hooves News and the fine folks at Equestria Daily have been coordinating this, (special thanks to Calpain) and we are hoping to make this a fandom-wide thing.  So give a smile.  Get a smile.  Come back and tell us how it went – how it made you feel.
I beta tested it just the other day, and I’ve got to tell you, Pinkie is on to something.  It made me feel like a million bits!  It made me wish that every day could be The Smile Challenge.   And maybe it can!
Give it a shot.
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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! – Crossroads

Source: http://pia-sama.deviantart.com/art/Commissioned-Spike-s-path-478319097

Source: http://pia-sama.deviantart.com/art/Commissioned-Spike-s-path-478319097

Spike is an interesting character that a lot of folks overlook because it takes him quite a while to get interesting.  His circumstances alone are rather complicated.

While all the other characters are, of course, capable of getting carried away and straying from their moral centers, Spike is young.  He makes mistakes the Mane Six wouldn’t.  In Dragon Quest, for example, he specifically sets out to discover more more about his people because of his passionate need to find out more about himself.  This is a stage of development that the Mane Six already underwent.  (Pinkie left home to become a party pony; Applejack left home to find herself, only to come right back again.)  Spike is still young and uncertain.

Yet, he still goes about his path of self-discovery in a far more mature way than the Cutie Mark Crusaders do.  His age itself is a dichotomy.  Spike is undeniably a kid, and because of that, he is, in a lot of ways, too young to be taken seriously by the Mane Six.  At the same time, however, he bears responsibilities that adults would and should ordinarily bear.

Spike rocks it.  He functions damn well as an adult in the real world, but all of this places him at an unfortunate point in his life, where he doesn’t actually connect with other children as peers, but isn’t fully accepted as an adult either.

The thing about Spike is that he has not really had much opportunity to explore outside the borders of his known emotional world, and yet, he is already exactly where he belongs.  When given the opportunity, he looks for himself in the wrong places (Dragon Quest; Equestria Games).  He is at once, capable of the most in-your-face, over-the-top selfish acts in the show (Just for Sidekicks, Owl’s Well that Ends Well), and yet, he is still the most unshakable in his loyalties, and true in his devotion.  While doing the right thing is always a theme of the show, Spike is the only character who consistently speaks openly of honor and duty.  It’s part of who he is.  It’s his source of pride, even though it has a very real downside: having to constantly play Humdrum to the Mane Six’s Power Ponies.

Why analyze Spike in particular, when I ordinarily go for the moral-lesson-type stuff in this here column?   Because he deserves it, and because thereis rather a lot to be learned from him.

It’s very easy to miss because he is, by his very nature, a supporting character, not just in terms of the show’s narrative, but in terms of his role in the pack.  Spike finds his life’s meaning in the service of others, which automatically puts him at a strange intersection.   His faults are more petty than the others’, not simply because of his age, but because of this position.  Anything he does for himself, he sneaks in on his downtime.  Can we really fault him for getting carried away every now and again after all the nonsense he puts up with?
Ever since they shifted his role in the show from sidekick to straight man, his frustrations have become more and more relatable.  Season Four gave him the opportunity to really blossom.  We finally started to see things from his point of view!  Something as simple as the “I made nachos” gag, or Rarity’s proclamation that Spike wouldn’t know what it’s like to have an unrequited crush – it all puts the viewer in his shoes, and allows us to laugh with him instead of at him.  I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more of this in Season Five.
Yes, he is a spazz, and at times, can be annoying, but Spike, when allowed to shine, really is a wonderful character.  Unlike the others, he is, emotionally speaking, always on the precipice, without ever quite reaching the goal.  Even when he achieves something great, he either masks his insecurity with false bravado, or flat out refuses to recognize his own achievements (Equestria Games).

That mistake is something a lot of us in the grown-up world can relate to, and learn from.  The beauty of Spike is that he’s in a pretty good place, and is surrounded by wonderful ponies, but inside of his own head, he’s still got a long way to go.

Don’t we all?


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