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NYCC – ComicsOnline interview Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen

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This one’s a bit of a late find, and somewhat short, but it’s interesting nonetheless.  ComicsOnline landed a small interview with Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen during New York Comic Con a couple of weeks ago.  You can catch it embedded after the break, or by clicking the picture above.

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[Spoilers] New York Comic Con – FiM Panel Full Video from Kind of Epic Show

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Coming off the synopsis from yesterday we have the full panel video from NYCC, courtesy of Richard from Kind of Epic Show.  It’s camcorder footage, of course, so be careful with the volume levels; the crowd gets rather loud at points.  You can catch it embedded past the break, or by clicking the link above.  Again, as with last time, there are some spoilers.

[Via EQD]

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[Spoilers] New York Comic Con – My Little Pony Panel Summary

MLP – Everypony’s Here by PainguinLord

Unfortunately, they didn’t announce the S3 start date.  However,  there were some other interesting details that showed up, so here is the long and short of it, summarized by one of the attendees of the panel.  Details to follow as they arrive.  There was apparently another episode clip that aired during the panel; no video yet, but there appears to have been pictures that were put up by @ronaldhennessy on Twitter [Update: offscreen video of the clip can be found here; Youtube rip of the previous link, courtesy of WayoshiM, can be found embedded after the break, or here.]. Since there are a fair number of spoilerish things, you can catch it all past the break.  Of course, as with all things on the Internet, this should be considered hearsay until video of the panel shows up.

[Thanks to PictishBeast of Ponygoons for the summary.  Also, this article has updated a number of times since it was first posted.  Might want to check again if anything new showed up since you first saw it.]

Other DHN NYCC Related Articles

Other NYCC Pony Related Articles

  • The Guardian (UK) – They are running live coverage (mainly text and photos) from NYCC, this link here should bring you to their short blurp on the MLP Panel, if not scroll down until you see Batman & Robin Pony.
  • Atlantic Wire – Learning To Love Bronies at Comic Con: The Atlantic Wire like most media outlet dives into the world of brony and writes about it, this article of course focusing on NYCC and how the pony community is mixing in with the rest of the NYCC visits. They get 2 Derpy points for actually listing us along with EqD as community sites.
  • ToyArk – My Little Pony Display: Small gallery of pictures show the MLP display at NYCC. Merchandise wise there isn’t a whole lot at the convention (for pone at least), namely just figures of the Mane 6, and the Royal Wedding playset.

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