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Conventions: Amy Keating Rogers to attend Bronycon

Smarty Hooves by ~langbard

Subject and their submission says it all.

“BroNYCon has a very special announcement to make! Amy Keating Rogers, the four-time Emmy Nominated writer for Friendship is Magic, will be attending BronyCon June 2012! In addition to her work on Friendship is Magic, Amy has been a writer for many other shows-including Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, the Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Danny Phantom. We’re very excited to have her and hope that all of you will share in our enthusiasm and welcome her to the convention in June!”

AKR’s FiM writing credits:

  • The Ticket Master
  • Applebuck Season
  • Bridle Gossip
  • Fall Weather Friends
  • A Dog and Pony Show
  • The Best Night Ever
  • The Cutie Pox
  • The Last Roundup
  • A Friend in Deed
  • MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

It also seems her appearance has been aided with the help of the Ponygoons & The Round Stable, who are (or apparently already have) raised $1000 dollars to pay for Mrs. Rogers air and accommodations. Full article here.

Myth Busted: Taobao Derpy Hooves Not Official

Seems old Sethisto has done a little investigation work on the Taobao Derpy reported back on 3/8, and I guess you could say busted the myth from the official Hasbro side. He (and other curious people) have e-mailed Hasbro about the Derpy Figure, namely asking if its an official product. Hasbro Consumer Service has replied back with the general phrase of “The My Little Pony look-a-like in the link you provided is not a Hasbro Product”. Inb4 all the theories on that phrasing.

What comes into my head is what would Hasbro say about the so called “Fall Lineup” that was also leaked on back on 3/27. We know the figures in general are official, as seen in the February Toy Fair, but why are they being sold on Taobao? Not knowing the site well, I would only assume that maybe they sell product that doesn’t meet quality control (if there is a such a thing in those factories), or that someone is just making a quick buck.

Still up in the air of course is Taobao Derpy. I declare myth busted on the fact that Hasbro denies them to be official, but all in all the figures are real (as several community members, ordered, paid and got their fashion style Derpy). We’ll see if we can’t turn over a rock or two.

[Source: EqD]

The Royal Wedding Press Kit

Screen from MLP Facebook Posted Today

It seems the Press Kits for the upcoming season finale / Royal Wedding have gone out, as pictures of one has appeared on a Tumblr called “That’s The Single Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard”. Our Research Department took a deeper look into the blog and it appears to be owned by a fan of the show, who works for the LA Weeky. Pictures of the Press Kit below, and of course the tumblr here.

The kit itself looks to be made up of two DVDs, one for each episode of the finale. The kit itself is a wrapped box which you open by pulling the top off, and then lifting a large cover flap. Two more flaps fold out on either side with the DVDs in them. Each flap has some general information, left side is a picture of Cadence and Shining Armor and the episode synopsis that we’ve had for awhile. The right side has the Mane 6 in their wedding outfits. There is no close up of the middle section, but it appears to be one (or multiple) wedding invitations.

All in all pretty fancy setup from Hasbro Studio / The Hub. Now if only fan sites were ‘media’.

MLPOnline: Development Snapshot 4/10/12

The team over at MLPonline have recently just released a development snapshot which features the function of their MMO, which is actually a double duty game, an online MMO and then a single player game. It features battling, stats and all the fun stuff you find in an RPG. We have a full write up and the video after the page break.

It was also announced by Equestria Gaming at the end of March that the MLPonline Team has a set a release date for their single player version (entitled Episode 1) to be at the Summer Bronycon at the end of June.

MLPOnline’s Homepage

MLPOnline’s Forums

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Tara Strong: Charity eBay Auction & Upcoming Documentary

If you have not been following Tara Strong on Twitter, then you probably know nothing of Twilightlicious. Its been a thing going on for a good month now, ranging from random twitters to voice messages, and attempting to get #twilightlicious to trend on Twitter. A night or two ago she wanted to give away the shirt above, and had asked EqD for suggestions. In the end it was decided an eBay auction for charity would be the best route, and thus, you can now find the shirt here on eBay. Apparently there will be four more.

100% of the final sale price will go towards Children’s Hospital & Research Center Foundation.

Twilightlicious T-Shirt on eBay. At this time it has 19 bids @ $300 USD.

[Source: Twitter]

Unrelated to the shirts we also have an upcoming documentary about Voice Over artists that will feature Tara Strong entitled “I Know That Voice”. A four minute teaser trailer was released yesterday. The trailer can be found behind the page break.

[Source: My Little Pony News]

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DJ PON3’s palette revealed!

The new DJ Pinkie Pie game on The Hub’s royal wedding website features Vinyl Scratch and Pinkie Pie in simple scene splicer game in order to make a wedding reception preview video. Upon dropping the .swf asset into file into a flash object decompiler, we finally see that, according to the game’s asset designers, after removing Scratch’s specs, her eyes are revealed to be a magenta color (hex colors #BF1D79, #DB53A2, #FFB8E0).

Yes, she has eyelashes, her eyes are closed here.

Mystery solved? Maybe. We don’t know for sure if this asset is shared from the show or rebuilt for the game, but it’s the most official implication we’ve got so far (hey, Heartstrings did become Lyra after all)!

This also confirms previous mumblings of the fact that Scratch is actually a very pale yellow (#FEFDE7, to be exact), as opposed to white.

DJ PON3/Vinyl Scratch “Official” Palette
Eyes Coat Mane Specs
#BF1D79 (gradient base)
#DB53A2 accent 1
#FFB8E0 accent 2
#FEFDE7 primary
#C0A3B2 stroke
#3366CC color 1
#18E7E7 color 2
#1F3E7C stroke
#580E61 base gradient stop 1
#A030AD base gradient stop 2
#ED67D2 base gradient stop 3

#7C1298 accent gradient stop 1
#CF60EC accent gradient stop 2
#E2B1F8 accent gradient stop 3

New TV Ad for the Hub’s Royal Wedding Pages


As MDBjc and Calpain report, the Hub has broadcast a new TV commercial for their Royal Wedding subpages and the season finale. The actual footage from the episodes, however, is minimal. They launched their latest activity, “DJ Pinkie Pie,” not even two hours ago, so that now all the activities appear to be operational. The Flash includes simple looping animations of the mane six and Spike dancing, which you can arrange before the backdrop of Celestia, Luna, and several high-profile background ponies while Vinyl Scratch plays tunes from The Best Night Ever, Stare Master, and other episodes. Unfortunately, it is not easily possible to let only Twilight Sparkle dance everywhere all the time.