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Tara Strong joins TOGM; Bid on a Lauren Faust Commish

lauren faust commission preview

TARA STRONG joins TOGM; bid on a LAUREN FAUST commish!

The Old Grey Mare is delighted to welcome you to an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Getting YOUR PONY drawn by LAUREN FAUST herself!

But the epicness doesn’t stop there. Join The Old Grey Mare and co-host TARA STRONG (yes, the voice of Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles, Harley Quinn, Dil Pickles, Raven, Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein… need we go on?) as they interview a star-studded cast of the hottest fan VAs, plus several pro VAs who got their start in the fan VA world.

Plus, did we mention Ms. Faust may make an appearance on the show itself? You won’t want to miss this! And it’s all for a great cause: All proceeds from the charity auction for the Lauren Faust commission will benefit the Wildlife Learning Center, per Ms. Faust’s own request.

The fun starts at 8PM Eastern US / 5PM Pacific on Sunday, January 11, 2015. A link to tune in will be posted on the top of The Old Grey Mare’s website approximately 10-15 minutes before the show.

(If the show’s already underway, you can TUNE IN HERE!)

The guest roster includes:
• BaldDumboRat, fan voice of Derpy;
• Brittany Lauda, professional VA, former fan VA;
EileMonty, voice of Button’s Mom, fan voice of Octavia (et al);
• Kira Buckland, professional VA, former fan VA;
• MEMJ, fan voice of Celestia;
• Meredith Sims, fan voice of numerous ponies;
Nowacking, the fan voice of DJ Pon-3;
• revler897, fan voice of Discord.

That’s right, EIGHT amazing VAs, all being interviewed by TOGM along with the Queen of Bronies, the woman of a thousand voices, Tara Strong. This is going to be one for the record books.

So be sure to set aside that time slot! Sunday evening, January 11, 2015, 8PM Eastern US, 7PM Central, 5PM Pacific… be there!

Jeremy Whitley on Brony Time #83

Brony Time’s latest episode features the MLP comic writer, Jeremy Whitley. Check it out over here.

Hey Everypony!

We are so happy to have this week’s guest back on our show. This episode we are joined once again by Jeremy Whitley to talk about his latest issues of the MLP comic and the Kickstarter for his latest comic, Illegal. We then go to our panel with Chef Sandy, Hard Cyder, and Nurse Glitterheart to talk about ponies and such. I know, shocker, right?


2nd Annual Bronyville Golden Muffin Voting Ends Tonight


The Second Annual Bronyville Golden Muffin Award is the longest running and most/least prestigious award in all of the fandom. And you can still cast your vote for the 2013 reward ceremony that will take place at 4 PM EST/ 1 PM PST on Saturday, January 4th over at justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast

Link to Vote: http://derpy.me/goldenmuffin2013 / https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RVWsTIYpK22tOCUP-SiBTj62PcSc9_N9lzDVvLWh57Q/viewform

  • Q: Do we have to vote on everything?
  • A: No. The only required votes are the last page which is the show related voting. Any of the ‘Nasties’ or the Fandom Community Awards can be ignored if you don’t wish to vote or don’t know which to vote for.
  • Q: Hey! I really like ‘X’ and it’s not up for voting!
  • A: We took nominations earlier this month for categories. The top 5 responses from those nominations became those the community votes upon
  • Q: Why do you have ‘Nasty’ Awards? Isn’t that mean/rude/against the show’s spirit/HULK SMASH!
  • A: Hey woah, calm down there fella. We got some flack for having negative awards. The means of these are more a reflection of the last year and will not be used simply to shame any person or group. Se consider it important to talk about the good and the bad which happened in the year as means of being more responsible in our own fandom. Also, any votes listed were also nominated by the fandom themselves and are not picked by any of the awards staff directly. So, bear that in mind. If it makes you uncomfortable then just don’t vote on it. Simple as that. “Just repeat to yourself it’s just a show. I should really just relax.”

Celestia Radio New Years Eve Events


Event #1 “Top 50 Songs of 2013 Countdown

In keeping with a long standing tradition, Celestia Radio is thrilled to announce our third annual Best Songs of the Year countdown extravaganza. Join the CR staff as we look back to an incredible year of musical production in the brony fandom, and highlight fifty songs in particular, each painstakingly evaluated and compiled by a team of Celestia Radio’s best DJ’s.

This twenty four hour event kicks off right at midnight on Tuesday, December 31st, (EST) with songs being announced up to the culminating top ten of 2013 which will span the last hour of 2013, all leading to the announcement of the #1 song right as the ball drops in NYC!

All are invited to join CR once again for this monumental event, so please stay tuned to our website for more information, http://celestiaradio.com/  We look forward to seeing you in the chat on Tuesday!


Event #2 “Autumn Nights – New Years Album Premiere”

“The culmination of months of writing and recording, “Autumn Nights” is a concept album by Jeff Burgess & The Bad Mares. It follows the life and career of Vinyl Scratch, and all the challenges of turning her dreams into reality.

With a range of music from indie rock to folk punk to chiptune to lounge jazz, there’s something for everyone in “Autumn Nights.” The album also features the creative contributions of various artists from the Brony community, including Rina-Chan, Acousticbrony Edd, Feather, Digibrony, BassBeast JD, Steven AD, Mountain Mares, Griffinilla, Memj0123, and Jeff Himself!

Join us live on New Years Day for this incredible premiere. The party starts at 7:00pm (EST)with a live play through of the album, as well as guest interviews with Jeff, Feather, digibrony, MEMJ and any other available musicians!

Dave Polsky on True Equestria Radio Tonight


Tonight on True Equestria Radio, writer Dave Polsky joins the roundtable of True Equestria Radio, answering questions from live callers just like you! It’s sure to be a great time, so don’t miss your chance to bug the writer who wrote Daring Don’t and other episodes!

Call in at midnight Eastern, either by phone, toll-free, at 714-888-7471 or by skype right HERE! You can also tune in on Fillydelphia Radio on Ponyville Live.

BronyTime Episode 56: Jeremy Whitley will write MLP comics For-EVER…!


Hey Everypony!

We have an awesome episode for you this time around. Its our Christma-I mean, Hearths Warming Eve gift to you. This week we have Jeremy Whitley, the new writer for the new MLP comic series, Friendship Forever. We then have a MEGA huge panel with Pixel Kitties, Timmo Warner, White G Shepard, Hard Cyder, Sonya Lynn and Rommel to talk about the latest episode, reflections on how the show is made, and of course ponies. Also going to BABSCon? Well we have a treat for you then…


Head on over to their website to watch the interview.

Bronyville Podcast 2013 Golden Muffin Awards Nomination Form



It’s that time of year! No, not the holidays! It’s time for all of those frivolous end of the year discussions and awards! And Bronyville Podcast is celebration the 2013 Golden Muffin Awards Show on December 28th. And this year, to spice things up, we’re opening up the nominations to the entire fandom. So, feel free to vote away to nominate in any of the following categories. But act fast! Nominations will end on the 19th of December and voting on the finalists will begin. Good luck and may the best pony win!
Categories after the page break.