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Editorial: Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014: Saturday Night Fever


After what has seemed like far too long, Derpy News has had the privilege of attending the second iteration of the pony convention Nightmare Nights Dallas.  Being a convention run by a longstanding friend to Derpy News, I was exited to see what he’d brought to the balmy heat of Dallas. And he did not disappoint. There were a few bumps in the road, but the pleasant, homely atmosphere of Nightmare Nights shone through regardless. You can find a more in depth report, along with more convention pictures, after the break. Read more →

MLP CCG Spoilers and Updates for Nov 3, 2014

Some more delays, and some fresh card spoils below the break!

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MLP: CCG Friday Night Friendship, The Solar Winds Loop

Solar Winds, Enterprising Astronomer

Solar Winds, Enterprising Astronomer, Provided by Ponyhead

Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Friendship! Tonight I’m going to go over a combo recently pointed out by Krysto, a fellow volunteer for events, and what this might mean for future game play. This and more after the break!

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