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Four News Episodes for April



While many of the television guides have not reached far enough into the future to give us synopsis, whoever keeps the Wikipedia episode page for Steven Universe up to date is definitely on the ball, which has revealed four new episodes slated for the month of April.

  • Steven and the Sword Fighter (04/09/2014)
  • Coach Steven (04/16/2014)
  • Lion 2: The Movie (04/23/2014)
  • Beach Party (04/30/2014)

Along with the new episodes though comes change.  Steven Universe will now premiere episodes on Wednesday night.  This is probably due to some of the changes happening at Cartoon Network, namely the expansion of their sister channel Adult Swim which will begin airing at 8pm est nightly instead of 9pm.  While I wish there was some new shows on [AS], unfortunately that extra hour is going to be filled with the Cleveland Show.

A more interesting note to the move is the fact that the other established CN shows (Adventure Time & Regular Show) will continue to premiere their episodes on Mondays.  Adventure Time has just recently wrapped up Season 5 on March 17th, though Season 6 will begin on April 21st with a double episode.  Uncle Grandpa, the other new comer to the CN family is airing its season finale on April 1st (Tuesday) with “Prank Wars”.  Thus it seems our fair show will walk solo.  We’ll see how the ratings fair without the boost of AT & RS beforehand.

And while this last chunk of news isn’t related to Steven Universe, it is related to Cartoon Network and any dedicate fan of the channel.  It was announced earlier in the month that VP of Turner Animation and COO of Cartoon Network Stu Snyder would step down from his position.  This is the guy who was responsible for the attempted shift on CN from animated shows to live action shows.  He more or less stepped down to the fact that all his green lighted live action shows failed miserably, while the few new animated shows he allowed (Adventure Time & Regular Show) became wildly successful in comparison.