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Rumor: Who Is The Father Of Derpy



While typically not our thing to have fun and post about rumors, but when you are a site dedicated to a background “glitch”, you just can’t help it.  Earlier this evening Big Jim from the MLP crew became bored and summoned his Twitter minions for a little Q&A.  Among them was Joel Dickie, crew member and director of Littlest Pet Shop.  Joel asked the question of “who originally posed / animated derpy hooves with crossed eyes and did he or she get fired?”.  In reply Big Jim answered “I don’t know, and you still seem to be working, so…”.


While the beloved grey mare has always been dubbed an animation error (or glitch), Lauren Faust worded the answer to the question a little differently back in the olden days of late 2010 via her Deviant Art account.  “Probably the result of a bored layout artist.” was the general wording, going further into details that Layout Artists at times hide little easter eggs to keep themselves entertained at work.  Needless to say when the first episodes of MLP were being forged in the fires, no one knew it would take off like a burning train in War of the Worlds.


Needless to say, someone is found in the credits of the episode under Layout Supervisors.  Could it have been future LPS director Joel Dickie who, one day bored tweaked a background character for his own amusement, spawning a culture icon that generally represents a massive online community of animation fans and is beloved by countless fans?


Maybe someday we’ll find out.

RUMOR: New Kids Next Door Series In The Works?


 A mysterious website has appeared on the internet indicating a brand new Kids Next Door series may be on its way, complete with the status on just about every character from the show and what appears to be a storyboard from the show. Read on after the break.

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Rumors Surrounding Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Derpy News abstains from wagering its reputation on mere rumors, and forum posts by a single, relatively new member none of us knew was insufficient confirmation. Now, however, two anonymous but trustworthy sources, at least one of them involved with the show, have confirmed the information to some extend, so we decided that we can hazard this report.

On January 21, 2014, the MLP Forums user idlemichael started a thread titled “New stuff at the London Toy Fair,” in which he described his impressions from the Toy Fair (January 21–23). He was barred from taking pictures as it is commonly the case at such fairs.

He describes some toys that we’ve seen before, among them the Rainbow Power toy line, but also one where you can mix and match pony body parts, probably in a similar fashion as with the Marvel toys that were advertised in a commercial break during the last episode.

Then he goes on to mention Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

The HUGE push though? The new Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks. The girls are back and performing in a battle of the bands – each come with their own instruments, and Pinkie has a drum kit! There’s a big stage for them to perform on, and loads of other characters will be released for the movie too. Best one? DJ Pon-3, who has a car! With the windshield that looks like sunglasses! That can be removed so you can wear them!

In another thread the same user added the following.

The film is seemingly coming. I spent the day at the Toy Fair in London where they were heavily pushing Equestria Girls 2 – Twilight heads back to the mirror world and the girls put a musical group together. The apparent title is Rainbow Rocks (as that’s what their backdrop was on the stage set for the toys). No more information at all, just a short loop of footage running endlessly of a dance routine that’s in the movie. Pinkie will be playing the drums!

And that’s it! There’s a whole range of new toys including a DJ Pon-3 car, which I assume is also going to be in the film. When will we see this all though? No idea. Sometime this year though.

It has to be pointed out that the independent confirmations we’ve received do not extend to every detail of these descriptions. If you should become aware of any other citable sources, please submit them or link them in the comments.

Further confirmation may be that the “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks” toys that we reported on in October are starting to show up on Amazon too, viz. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

The book Equestria Girls 2 that we reported on in November is set to be released as early as April, so the plot is unlikely to mirror that of the movie.

Possible Frames from Season 4 and New Premiere Titles

About one day ago, several possible season 4 images were posted on 4chan /mlp/ (the thread has since gone 404), reposted to Derpibooru (the source of our images below), and published by various news outlets. We discussed the issue, but our doubts about their veracity were too severe to allow us to publish them even rumor tagged. Apart from problems with the color gamut and the dimensions (the latter of which being so obvious that it may actually make a fake less likely), the episode title and the erroneous closing quotation mark in one of the images were our main reasons to suspect a fake.

It turned out, however, that they had made the mistake with the quotation mark at least once before (“A Dog and Pony Show”), and just now, The Hub published a new revision (S04E01, S02E02) of the episodic storylines we reported on previously. It turns out that the titles of the premiere episodes have been changed (or corrected) and now align with the one visible in the leaked frame.

Corrected titles of S04E01 and S04E02
  • “Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 1”
  • “Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 2”

This additional piece of corroboratory evidence—since a counterfeiting artist could only have anticipated this change by accident—tipped the balance enough for us to allow ourselves to post the gallery.

Leaked season 4 images

Rumor: G4 DVD: ‘A Very Minty Christmas’

My G4 Mintyby ~Ari0TH

My G4 Minty by Ari0TH

Interesting submission by Senn 555:  an Amazon listing for My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: A Very Minty Christmas.  Thing is, a G3 special with that subtitle already exists, not to mention the fact that the G4 holiday is called ‘Hearth’s Warming Eve’.  Whether it’s a misnaming of a re-release of the G3 special, placeholder title, or what is not presently known, so consider it a rumor for the time being.  I’ve contacted Shout Factory regarding the listing, and will update when they respond.

Merch Roundup: Possible Funko Prototypes; Talking NMM, Shadowbolt RD on TRU

Two items of interest today in the merch department: one rumor, the other quite official.  The first is a series of images found on Derpibooru which appear to be prototypes of the Funko figures; the only one we haven’t known was coming yet being a Wonderbolt of some kind, likely Spitfire.  You can find a gallery of those images after the break.

Next, the Talking Nightmare Moon figure and Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash figure have popped up on the Toys ‘R’ Us website.  They’re slated to go on sale July 18th.

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“Crystal” Fashion Style Prototypes


BronyGalore over on the MLP Trading Post shared these “crystal” prototypes.

They might be part of this fall’s assortment relating to the Crystal Princess Celebration. Hasbro rarely advertises new fashion styles.