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Samurai Jack, Season 5 begins March 11th

Long ago on a cable channel populated by Johnny Bravo, Grim & Evil, and the Powerpuff Girls, a new show came out of the ashes of an old one.  Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory, made a new cartoon that was a mixture of action, magic, ancient samurai ways and futuristic sci-fi dystopia rolled into a single series, that began to air in 2001.  Three years and four seasons later, the series like many others were retired from Cartoon Network’s lineup.

Eleven years later in 2015 it was announced the series, which had not fully concluded in 2004, would get a 5th and final season.  Originally a general date of “Fall 2016” was set, but then the series was delayed slightly, and now has an official starting date of March 11th 2017.

Details of what to expect from this new and final season were talked about during the San Diego Comic Con, including the fact the show had been pushed back to 2017.  The final season will be ten episodes and is dubbed to be more ‘movie’ than show in tone.  Since it will be airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami the series will take on a darker and more mature path than the original four seasons that aired on Cartoon Network.  The storyline itself will take place fifty years after the end of Season 4.

So be sure to tune in to our sad attempt at ‘covering’ the show, whatever that even means now.  If you don’t have cable and if the internet managed not to leak it beforehand, you know were to find it and or catch a stream of it.  And hey, if you’re interested in possibly scrambling crude words on the bathroom wall for this website to copy down, hit us up, maybe we can squeeze at least one reviewer for the show.

Samuari Jack – Season 5 – Toonami – March 11th – 11:30pm et.



The Last Word on Wander

For those interested, the series finale of Wander Over Yonder drew an estimated 326,000 viewers last Monday on Disney XD according to Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research. The Season Two average was 410,087.

This is show that simply ended too soon. Yes, Gravity Falls ended after only 40 episodes, but the decision to end that show was made by its creator Alex Hirsch. “The End of the Galaxy” hardly felt like a series finale. In fact, series creator Craig McCracken talked about setting up Season Three before Disney cancelled the show. Season Two had its wonky moments, but the last few episodes were some of the best the series had as it ran the gauntlet of emotions and delved much deeper into each of the main characters—especially Wander as he stood firm to his pacifist principles in the face of Hater, Peepers, and Sylvia wanting to go to war with Dominator.

It’s still a surprise “The Breakfast” won the Annie Award for TV over both Steven Universe and Gravity Falls’s most talk-about episodes (“Jailbreak” and “Not What He Seems”, respectively). Indeed, when Wander debuted on Disney Channel in 2013, it drew north of two million viewers for all but one episode. But by the 15th episode, it was punted to Disney XD and in the morning for a short while before airing on Monday nights (when Disney XD apparently felt like it).

We at DerpyNews are disappointed that we have lost three of the shows we’re covering in a span of four months, but of Gravity Falls (creator’s choice), Littlest Pet Shop (it was time), and Wander Over Yonder; it still feels like the last of those three is leaving too soon and some of the decisions Disney made as to how they aired it does not put them beyond reproach.

It’s an indictment of Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Discovery Family that they are jarringly uneven when they air their cartoon shows. You may have noticed that Steven Universe will air Monday-Friday again starting July 18th for what appears to be another “Steven Bomb”. For the “In Too Deep” arc, it was Thursdays at 7pm ET/6pm CT. When Star vs. the Forces of Evil returns on July 11th, it will be at10:30am ET/9:30am CT on Disney XD. I was personally aghast when I heard the time slot.

Of course, with the likes of Netflix and Disney with its apps for it channels, there are many ways to view a cartoon nowadays. Also, there are other metrics to determine the popularity of a show as is all too known with MLP.

Wander Over Yonder was a very funny show and was getting better as its run was coming to an end. It’s just a shame that “The End of the Galaxy” was The End for Wander. It just feels like it’s going too soon.


LPS Review: “Littlest Pet Street”


Rest In Peace

Well, this is it. The 103rd and 104th and final episodes of Littlest Pet Shop. Mrs. T is getting ready for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street which includes a cinema for people and their pets. However, she is incredibly paranoid that Fisher Biskit would try to sabotage it. This is especially incredible considering that the Biskits have mostly been an afterthought in Season Four apart from the appearance of Mrs. Biskit, and they are barely seen in this episode (and not at all in Part 2). It’s fine to be nervous about advertising the opening of Littlest Pet Street and other things, but given what we’ve seen this season, fretting over Fisher Biskit is just not one of the them.

Meanwhile, the Pets are wanting to make of movie of their own for the cinema and have the use of Blythe’s smartphone. Of course, Russel tries to be Steven Spielberg, but needs other things like a script. On the publicity side, Blythe manages to get a internet pet sensation named Feline Meow to make an appearance. The only thing is that she needs to be flown to Downtown City from Bermuda among other demands as if Svengallop made them.

Of course, there’s a storm and the plane needs to make an emergency landing on an island. Of course, there’s damage to the plane and it won’t fly. They do turn it into a boat, but need a rhino (that somehow lives on said island) to push it into the lake and get a humpback whale to get it to Downtown City in quicktime.

All the while, Youngmee tries to buy time by having Zoe, then Pepper, and then Vinnie dress as Feline. It doesn’t go well with Zoe because the idea of dressing as a cat doesn’t go well with a dog to begin with, and Dr. Handsomeface is there and Zoe is still upset with him criticizing her singing from  “Un-vetted”. Pepper’s turn goes awry when Fuzzy from “Steamed” arrives and Pepper gets nervous and emits a bad scent. Vinnie only works for a while because Mrs. T.

Meanwhile, Penny Ling, Russell, Minka, and Sunil are with Blythe, Roger, and Feline Meow on the island. After getting off the island, Feline admits that she was jealous of the other pets getting along making the film even though there were missteps on the way and Roger has always known that Blythe could talk to animals and vice-versa, since Roger’s wife was able to do so. He was just waiting to Blythe to disclose it on her own terms.

Because this is a series finale for all intents and purposes, I am not going to give this episode a grade. It just doesn’t feel right to give one. The problems with plot convenience were especially omnipresent in Part 2 with the rhino on the island between Bermuda and Downtown City and the whale just passing by, but there were some good moments with song and its movie parodies and Roger’s use of Bermuda shorts for the sail.

It’s always sad to see a series you like go. Yes, I gave low grades to episodes from time to time, but the show also had great episodes and it did make it to 100. So, we at Derpy News would like to thank the cast and crew of Littlest Pet Shop on 104 episodes and four seasons on the Hub/Discovery Family. Thanks for the memories!

  • Best Season Four episode:  “Petnapper!”
  • Worst Season Four episode:  “The Tiniest Animal Store”
  • Best Episodes in the series: “The Secret Recipe”, “Petnapper!”, and “Lights, Camera, Mongoose”


Gravity Falls: Farewell Party & Fan Write In Campaign for Box Set


Gravity Falls is officially over, the last episoded aired, a series complete.  The crew gathered together Thursday night for an official wrap party.  On Friday Alex Hirsch tweeted a series of photos taken at the party, some his and some retweets from the other guests.  Nothing ground breaking here, though I see Weird Al.  You can find the full tweets on Mr. Hirsch’s twitter account.


In other Gravity Falls news, while not related to the show or crew directly, a group of fans are trying to get Disney to create a box set for the series.


A long story short, seems Disney in general has zero intent on producing a complete box set for the series.  It is kind of a shame since in the world of western cartoons, not many get an actual finale, and more just float off into the oblivion, reruns and cancellation.  But its also understandable that in a digital world companies are more cautious about what they produce physically in an attempt to remain cost efficient, even if it was just a drop in a bucket for certain mega-companies.

Superfan Tumblr themysteryofgravityfalls has started a writing campaign in attempt to rouse the executives in charge at Disney, namely a Mr. Gary Marsh.  Its claimed that Mr. Marsh is actually fine with the campaign, as it would probably show physical proof to his bosses that there is call for a complete Gravity Falls box set that hopefully would include tons of extras.  Along with the writing campaign, there is of course, a petition.  So far 6,400+ people have signed it.

Remember when writing, be polite, don’t send food or other “weird packages”, don’t threaten the nice people at Disney, and don’t spam them.


Ratings Report: Goodbye, Gravity Falls


Gravity Falls aired its 40th and final episode to a record high on Disney XD. “Weirdmageddon 3:  Take Back the Falls” drew an estimated 2.467 million on Monday which is a record for a Disney XD series. It was a huge night for cartoons withSpongebob Squarepants drawing 2.927M at the same time with ALVINNN! and the Chipmunks drew 2.082M on Nickelodeon. The Amazing World of Gumball also drew north of 2 million (2.168M to be exact) at that hour on Cartoon Network.Sofia the First earlier in the day drew 2.918M on Disney Channel.

For Season Two, Gravity Falls averaged 1.324M per episode for 20 episodes. That includes the two episodes that premiered on Disney Channel (“Scary-Oke” and “Little Gift Shop of Horrors”). It’s still a far cry from the 3.352M average of Season One when all new episodes were on Disney Channel, but the show did well above average work for Disney XD. Now the question is which show will fill the void left by Gravity Falls. 

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as sourced by Nielsen Media Research.


Gravity Falls – Between the Pines Special Guide


“Between the Pines”

Go inside the making of Gravity Falls with Alex Hirsch and Time Baby in Between The Pines

Direct Video


Gravity Falls Finale Confirmed for February 15th


(CAUTION:  Links to this story include potential spoilers. If you do not wish to know anything regarding what happens in the episode, do not click on the links.)

Multiple sources have now confirmed that the series finale of Gravity Falls will air on Monday, February 15th, at 7pm ET/6pm CT on Disney XD. The one-hour episode, “Weirdmaggedon 3:  Take Back the Falls,” will be the 41st and final episode.

In addition to the finale, Kidscreen is reporting that Disney will release an official book entitled Gravity Falls: Journal 3 which is set to be released in July.

Prior to the show’s finale, there will be a retrospect hosted by Time Baby (Kevin Michael Richardson) featuring special commentary from series creator Alex Hirsch on Monday, February 8th on Disney XD. On February 12th (starting at 11pm ET/10pm CT), Disney XD will air a 68-hour marathon of the show leading into the series finale. The series is said to continue to air reruns afterwards on Disney XD and Disney Channels worldwide.



In other Gravity Falls related news, a preview for the upcoming episode appeared on the internet over the weekend.  The original source was the “Mystery of Gravity Falls” YouTube channel, but the preview was live for maybe a few hours.  Thankfully someone snagged a copy, so if you want some preview spoilers, check out this copy.