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“The Bad Guy” Episode Guide

The Bad Guy

Is it possible that the episode wasn’t leaked? Woohoo! Or did I just miss it? However that may be, our 360p recording of “The Bad Guy”—written by Ben Joseph, storyboarded by Riccardo Durante—is embedded after the break. (Or above if you read this on Tumblr.)

Typically, I would insert a synopsis here, but it doesn’t look like an official one has been released. Let’s just say: “The Bad Guy,” wherein Wander wears a mustache. Damn that ending was awesome. For a moment there I wasn’t sure whether they’d be able to pull off yet another good twist, but pull it off they did.

Also check iTunes to see whether they released their version. YayPonies will then quickly reupload it sans DRM.

Now we have a one-week (or rather one-Friday) break, and then we have “The Troll,” “The Box,” and “The Hat” waiting for us!

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“The Bad Guy” Character Designs and Concept Art

This time it’s not Bryan Arnett who posts the first concept art of the upcoming episode but Joe Pitt! I’m looking forward to more such insights after the premiere, and I will add them in this post.

On the above image Joe Pitt commented:

I haven’t posted much of my design work from “Wander Over Yonder,” so here’s some bad guys that were fun to design from this Friday’s episode.

Tonight Bryan Arnett also posted some of his designs on Tumblr; find them below.

Wander with a mustache model sheet.

And even more, only hours before the episode!

Dan’s Gang from The Bad Guy. One of my favorite episodes of the season to work on! Looking forward to watching later on tonight!

And more beautiful images after the episode, courtesy Bryan Arnett. Here a bit of explanation about the zbornakorns:

Another scene that was from The Bad Guy. Was supposed to be male Zbornaks but the scene was cut before it could be approved.

New Episode Titles and Dates “The Troll” and “The Box”

For all of you who’ve been saying that Wander is “such a troll,” Zap2it has a real troll for you. Or maybe it’s Wander after all—or Sylvia? There’s not yet any sort of synopsis.

So far it only says “Wander Over Yonder: The Troll” (Friday, November 1, 2013) and “Wander Over Yonder: The Bad Guy; The Troll” (Friday, November 2, 2013).

“The Box” (Friday, November 15, 2013) is not entirely new as Craig McCracken already synopsized the episode in an interview with TV Equals:

No two episodes of [Wander Over Yonder] are really alike. Sometimes the Wander-Hater episode feel a little more Bugs Bunny–like, but then sometimes we might do an episode about Wander’s curiosity. We have an episode coming up called “The Box.” [Wander] is a nice guy, and so he agrees to deliver a box to somebody, but the rule is you can’t open the box. So it’s 11 minutes of Wander’s curiosity just being tested to the limits: Can he open this box, and will he do it? And you kind of just want to see what will happen when he’s pushed that way.

“The Bad Guy” Scenes in New Monstober Promo


Here’s Spazz’s a low-quality high-definition version of the most recent iteration of the Monstober promo, this time with fresh scenes from the upcoming episode “The Bad Guy.”

Thanks to Sunny for the heads-up!

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Promo for Episode “The Bad Guy”


As usual, Disney Channel broadcast the promo for next week’s episode “The Bad Guy” right after “The Prisoner.”

Spazz’s HD version is now embedded after the break.

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New Episode Titles: “The Prisoner” and “The Bad Guy”

Zap2it has published the titles of two new episodes, “The Prisoner” and “The Bad Guy.” “The Prisoner” is set to be the b part to “The Good Deed” on October 12, and “The Bad Guy” will be paired with “The Fugitives” on October 18 although the latter episode will then already have aired as b part for “The Picnic.” Don’t ask me; I didn’t make it.

Now—according to Zap2it, the Disney press releases, and interviews—we can look forward to the following premiere lineup (excluding repeats):

  1. “The Greatest” and “The Egg” on September 13
  2. “The Fugitives” on September 20
  3. “The Picnic” and “The Fugitives” on September 21
  4. “The Good Deed” on September 27
  5. “The Pet” on October 4
  6. “The Prisoner” on October 11
  7. “The Good Deed” and “The Prisoner” on October 12
  8. “The Bad Guy” and “The Fugitives” on October 18
  9. “The Box” on an unknown date
  10. “The Void” on an unknown date

Strangely enough, “The Pet” is set to air before “The Good Deed” and “The Prisoner,” but since that date comes straight from a Disney press release, I’m not inclined to doubt it. In a few weeks we’ll know the dates with more certainty.