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“The Box” Episode Guide


Finally, the long-awaited episode “The Box,” which Craig McCracken already hinted at in an interview months ago.

The synopsis from a Disney Channel press release:

When Wander and Sylvia are entrusted to deliver a sealed box, Wander can’t stop obsessing about what could be inside and struggles not to open it.

Once there is an iTunes release, you might also want to check YayPonies.

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Promo for “The Box” on Disney Channel

We’re back from our scheduled server outage. Frantech has moved all their servers to their new data center, and we have switched back to our WordPress site. That also means that I have to transfer my Tumblr posts over now.

Cody sent me a heads-up about this promo, and nicely surreal it looks too. The 240p recording has since been superseded by a VGA one courtesy of Hadamsj.

Find it after the break.

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Synopses for “The Troll,” “The Box,” and “The Hat”

Nick and More just published a Disney Channel press release that cites three upcoming Wander Over Yonder episodes as November highlights. The release also reveals their synopses.

For “The Troll,” you can watch an also HD teaser video, and Craig McCracken has previously furnished another, longer synopsis of “The Box” in one of his interviews.

On November 1:

Wander Over Yonder “The Troll”
(9:00 PM – 9:30 PM ET/PT)

Wander and Sylvia help Prince Cashmere and his goat warriors of Baaaaa-halla to defend themselves against a menacing troll.

On November 15:

Wander Over Yonder “The Box”
(9:00 PM – 9:30 PM ET/PT)

When Wander and Sylvia are entrusted to deliver a sealed box, Wander can’t stop obsessing about what could be inside and struggles not to open it.

On November 22:

Wander Over Yonder “The Hat”
(9:00 PM – 9:30 PM ET/PT)

When Wander gets lost on a dangerous planet, Sylvia must learn to trust Wander’s magical hat and its mysterious ways, in order to find her buddy before it’s too late.

New Episode Titles and Dates “The Troll” and “The Box”

For all of you who’ve been saying that Wander is “such a troll,” Zap2it has a real troll for you. Or maybe it’s Wander after all—or Sylvia? There’s not yet any sort of synopsis.

So far it only says “Wander Over Yonder: The Troll” (Friday, November 1, 2013) and “Wander Over Yonder: The Bad Guy; The Troll” (Friday, November 2, 2013).

“The Box” (Friday, November 15, 2013) is not entirely new as Craig McCracken already synopsized the episode in an interview with TV Equals:

No two episodes of [Wander Over Yonder] are really alike. Sometimes the Wander-Hater episode feel a little more Bugs Bunny–like, but then sometimes we might do an episode about Wander’s curiosity. We have an episode coming up called “The Box.” [Wander] is a nice guy, and so he agrees to deliver a box to somebody, but the rule is you can’t open the box. So it’s 11 minutes of Wander’s curiosity just being tested to the limits: Can he open this box, and will he do it? And you kind of just want to see what will happen when he’s pushed that way.

April Winchell and Craig McCracken Interviewed by TV Equals

The best word to describe Wander Over Yonder is of course wanderous. Sorry.

April must’ve given a whole series of interviews that day, and still she retained the presence of mind to give many unexpectedly insightful answers to the questions. (I hope you can hear them, because the volume is a little low, but be careful, because the other videos in the playlist have normal volume again.)

Much of the interview is about her voice acting and thereby about her their teamwork in the studio with Jack McBrayer, her relationship with her character, her character’s relationship with Wander, and closing the circle. As Dave Thomas before her (or later?), she also mentioned the episode “The Void” and the special properties of the realm it is set in. (I imagine it a bit like the Construct from Matrix.)

Craig sounds like he’s not yet aware of the Lord Hater tag, guessing that he will become a fan favorite. However, he mentions a new episode title: “The Box,” where Wander accepts a box to deliver it to someone. Naturally he’s curios what’s in it, but he mustn’t open it!

Craig’s word is silly.

Wander and Sylvia are also both very fluffy. Fluffy would be a good word. Fluffy is always a good word.