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Concept Art from “The Fugitives” by Bryan Arnett

Once again Bryan Arnett has a gift of concept art for us. The character designer (see this list of “The Picnic” credits) already gifted us with concept art from “The Picnic” and more artwork from “The Egg.”

A major mystery for me all along has been whether the episode numbers in the file names describe the single episodes or the full, doubly fun, doubled-up double episodes. “The Picnic” was 104, “The Egg” 101, and “The Fugitives” 102. This question still eludes me. Although “The Egg” and “The Fugitives” would both fit the doubled-up model, the scene numbers span 13 to 180—from the nonslob to ickified Sylvia—so it doesn’t seem like another episode could’ve fit before. Then again that other episode would’ve been “The Picnic,” which we can be pretty sure was moved around anyway.

Bryan Arnett hasn’t replied to my comment either, so I’m completely in the dark here, but I would slightly tend towards believing that they describe the double episodes and that “The Fugitives” used to be a first episode of such a pair.

I’ve added the insightful file names as captions to the images. The “p” means “panel,” which you can glean from the smaller images at the top of the drawings. Thanks to acolderindigo for the tip.

(I’ve added the two images from Bryan’s second “The Fugitives” posts.)

“The Fugitives” Week’s #1 Animated TV Telecast


Zap2it has published Disney Channel’s ratings for the past week, September 16 to 22. (Even using a Wander Over Yonder header image!) They write copy from a Disney Channel press release:

Friday’s all-new “Wander Over Yonder” (9:00 – 9:15 p.m.) hit series highs across Kids 2-11 (1.96 million/5.0 rating), Kids 6-11 (1.58 million/6.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.09 million/4.5 rating), ranking as the week’s #1 animated TV telecast.

“The week’s #1 animated TV telecast.” Woohoo!

The press release also includes these tables. For an explanation of the abbreviations, see our post on “The Picnic” ratings.

Incidental Character Designs for “The Fugitives” by Mark Ackland

Craig McCracken writes:

Since The Fugitives aired tonight I thought I’d share some of the incidental character designs from the show by the phenominal Mark Ackland. Mark not only designed a lot of the characters he also masterfully boarded the episode.

“The Fugitives” Episode Guide

Wander and Sylvia have become fugitives on a distant planet ruled by Lord Hater, but just as fast as Sylvia can concoct their escape plans, Wander inadvertently keeps foiling them by helping strangers in need. (Disney press release via Nick and More)

It’s also mirrored by YayPonies, and now up on iTunes.

(Now we know where the pyramid in the Animation Magazine interview is from!)

Ways to Watch “The Fugitives” Outside the US

My streaming contacts are either still at work during the time of the premiere or haven’t gotten back to me, so I don’t think that we’ll have a Wander News stream this time, but keep an eye on our stream page just in case. (I can’t stream on account of being in Europe.)

However, there are people who stream Disney Channel generally. Have a look at this iLive search. At the time of my writing this, there is one streamer there who actually streams Disney Channel. Yesterday and also earlier today, however, there were none, and in the morning they streamed Disney Junior instead, so it’s not really reliable. I would’ve embedded one of those on our page, but the sorts of ads they have were an effective deterrent. Don’t download any stuff the ads say you need to watch the stream.

I’ll also add to this post any streams by others that I find or that you link in a comment below. With a little more luck, we may be able to put one together again for the next episode premiere.

Spazz will concentrate on the recording of the show, so we get a timely 1080p download.

New High-Quality Promo for “The Fugitives” via Disney Channel

This new 2:15-minute, 720p teaser for the episode “The Fugitives” (premiering this Friday) was just uploaded to the YouTube account of Disney Channel!

Recording of New “The Fugitives” Promo

Thanks to Hayamika! If someone can find or create a direct recording, I’ll edit it in.


Heres the new commercial for “The Fugitives”. Sorry for the light in the background, I was recording this in my living room on my phone.