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Deleted Transformation Scene of “The Picnic”


Director, writer, and storyboard artist Eddie Trigueros just published a 216-page deleted scene from “The Picnic” on his blog. The scenes starts at the point where Commander Peepers presents Lord Hater with the “Defense Protocol Epsilon Exo Ninety Seven Three Tesseract” gloves, shows the transformations of Lord Hater and Emperor Awesome in much detail, and ends right at the start of their fight.

Here is a scene that was cut out of “The Picnic”, originally Hater and Emperor Awesome had a big transformation scene.

That the number of pages is identical to the number of digits in the elusive (and ambiguous) number in the movie Pi is a factoid that I would attribute to coincidence, but your mileage may vary.

“The Picnic” Among Top 5 in Kids 2–11

Disney just released the TV ratings for September 2–8, and the Saturday broadcast of “The Picnic” ranked fifth among all of the week’s telecasts!

Disney Channel delivered the week’s Top 8 TV telecasts in Kids 2–11, Top 25 TV telecasts in Kids 6–11 (37 of 40 – Top 5 below) and Top 9 cable TV telecasts in Tweens (Top 5 below). [Emphasis added]

If you are not familiar with the abbreviations in the table (and neither were I), here the explanation right from the Nielsen’s mouth:

US AA% (Total Rating Point)

The rating for the VOD content during the selected interval expressed as a percentage of the Total US. This episode of Program B received a rating of .73 for P18–49 during this measurement interval.

Average Audience Projection/Impression/(000)

The rating expressed in numeric rather than percent form.

New Promo for “The Greatest,” “The Picnic,” and More Episodes



Woohoo! Does anyone have a direct recording of it yet?

Higher-quality screencaps are this way.

“The Picnic” Second in Friday’s Total Viewers in Prime on Cable TV

I don’t have the experience to assess precisely how significant this is, but read for yourselves:

The children’s cabler’s sneak peek at Craig McCracken’s new series Wander Over Yonder at 9 p.m., was Friday’s #2 TV telecast across Kids 2-11 (1.9 million/4.8 rating), Kids 6-11 (1.5 million/6.2 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.0 million/4.3 rating) and was cable TV’s #2 telecast in Prime in Total Viewers (2.9 million).

From a Disney press release via Animation Magazine.


“The Picnic” Concept Art by Bryan Arnett and Craig McCracken

This is not fan art—although the artist may well be a fan of the show—but the actual character design for Emperor Awesome and his Tyrannosaurus rex, created by Bryan Arnett. (You can also find him in my post on the “The Picnic” credits.)

About the final two images he writes:

Emperor Awesome pre-designs and final turn around. After a lot of revisions for this character Craig McCracken pulled it all together and did the final 3/4 front design. I did the other poses.

Curiously, it says “104” in several file names, which looks like an episode number. Was “The Picnic” originally 104 instead of 102a? Did they already adhere to the a/b suffix scheme during production? Maybe I should just ask.

Premiere Party, Zbornak, Eddie Trigueros, and Cool Wander Swag

A few tidbits about the premiere party yesterday have come to light, a premiere party of the Wander Over Yonder crew.

The first is the first picture above that yesterday already circulated on Tumblr and 4chan, albeit then only as photo of a print; second, April Winchell got a cool Wander Over Yonder hoodie; and third, the photo you see above—courtesy Sam Riegel a.k.a. Emperor Awesome—is one of the premiere screening the whole team enjoyed.

Now, let me quote David Gemmill. He did one board for the show before he left, and his job must’ve been stressful, as he mentioned in a Tumblr post he since deleted. His posts are not usually very positive, so this one is doubly significant. (Link mine.)

You all like that WOY sneak peak?

Eddie Trigueros is awesome and should be a household name. He’s my favorite working cartoonist today. All the crazy poses, hilarious acting and all that it’s all him. He posed the shizz out of that cartoon and it turned out great. Appreciate all the work he put into it. :)

Finally, Sylvia’s species is spelled “zbornak,” according to April Winchell. It seems like that name carries some sort of significance that eludes me.

Cast and Crew Credits of “The Picnic”

The episode “The Picnic” that aired yesterday revealed a long list of names of many of the people we have to thank for the show!

I already introduced you to many of them in more depth in my previous posts tagged “Cast and Crew,” but here is another overview of the various member of the crew and their roles expanded based on the credits, and this time in (a rather naive) alphabetical order. I’ve also given some websites and social media outlets in parentheses, so you can tell them how awesome they are.

  1. Alex Kirwan (Tumblr, website): story, art director
  2. Andy Bean (see 59): music, title theme
  3. Ani Martirossians Cash: production coordinator
  4. April Winchell (Twitter, website): voice of Sylvia
  5. Ben Joseph (Tumblr, Twitter): story, writer
  6. Bobby Crew: foley mixer
  7. Brian Cole: technical director
  8. Bryan Arnett (blog): character designer
  9. Chris Houghton (Tumblr, Twitter): storyboard revisionist
  10. Chris Tsirgiotis (blog): background designer
  11. Cindy Rae: production secretary
  12. “C” Raggio IV (blog): prop designer
  13. Craig McCracken (DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter): executive producer, story
  14. Daron Nefcy (Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube): storyboard revisionist
  15. Dave Thomas (blog): supervising director, timing director
  16. Dawn Connors: script coordinator
  17. Dean Stanley: technical director
  18. Denise Wogatzke (website): technical director
  19. Diane Greco: foley artist
  20. Eddie Trigueros (blog): storyboard artist, director
  21. Eric Freeman, CAS (website): rerecording mixer, sound editor
  22. Eric Lewis, CAS: dialogue engineer
  23. Erik Elizarrez (blog): character cleanup artist
  24. Ernie Sheesley: dialogue engineer
  25. Greg White (Tumblr): story
  26. Jack McBrayer: voice of Wander,
  27. Jay Wade Edwards (Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo): animatic editor
  28. Jennifer Trujillo: talent coordinator
  29. Joe Pitt (Tumblr #1, Tumblr #2, Twitter): character designer
  30. Johanna Stein (Twitter, website): story
  31. Jordan Dobbs Rosa (Twitter): production associate
  32. Julie Anne Lau: editor
  33. Keith Ferguson (website): voice of Lord Hater, additional voices
  34. Lauren Faust (DeviantArt, Twitter): coproducer, story editor, story
  35. Laurens Fein: production supervisor
  36. Leticia Lacy (website): background painter
  37. Lisa Furlong Jones (Twitter): line producer
  38. Maria Dolores Gonzalez: continuity coordinator
  39. Mark Bollinger: postproduction supervisor
  40. Martin Ansolabehere: background painter
  41. Matt Brown: sound editor
  42. Melissa Waters: poststudio coordinator
  43. Mercury Filmworks (Twitter, website): animation
  44. Michael Macasero: production manager
  45. Robert King: technical director
  46. Ron Earhart: production control
  47. Ryan Burkhard (company website): digital coordinator
  48. Ryan Johnston: assistant dialogue engineer
  49. Sam Riegel (Twitter, website): voice of Emperor Awesome, additional voices
  50. Sara Goldberg: casting director
  51. Shawnee Holt (blog #1, blog #2, DeviantArt): color stylist
  52. Susan Odjakjian: assistant editor
  53. Teri Shikasho: background painter
  54. Timothy J. Borquez, CAS, MPSE: supervising sound editor, rerecording mixer
  55. Tom Kenny (Twitter): voice of Commander Peepers, additional voices
  56. Tom Syslo: supervising sound editor
  57. Tony Orozco: sound editor
  58. Treasure Rawson: postproduction coordinator
  59. Two Man Gentleman Band (Twitter, website): performance of title theme
  60. Vahe Haytaian: technical assistant