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SU Review: Your Mother and Mine

We’re back on Captain Lars’s ship and Steven returns through Lars’s head to find that the ship is drifting in space with their nova thrusters busted. Steven then brings Garnet to meet the off-colors and starts to tell them the story of Rose Quartz (different from what they were apparently told on Homeworld).

This is quite an interesting take as Rose was initially created on Earth (meant to be Pink Diamond’s colony) to do Pink’s bidding, but started to take notice of the beauty of the planet and asked that the life on Earth be spared. Pink would have not have any of it and sends Rose back. Rose then organizes her revolt with other gems such as Pearl and Bismuth while Pink turns to Yellow and Blue Diamond for help of her own. While Rose’s forces were overwhelmed, Rose took her sword and shattered Pink Diamond and the other three Diamonds launched their attack to end the fighting—only unbeknownst to them the fighting is set to continue as Garnet rallies Lars’s crew.

So we have our setup for the next set of episodes even though the transition from “Jungle Moon” is a bit choppy as we suddenly turn to Steven bringing Garnet to Lars and the off-colors. Yet, we get the story of how Rose shattered Pink Diamond to eliminate any doubt and how the revolt started on Earth.

Garnet is one of the best characters in Western Animation today and here’s one of the reasons why and we have a setup for the rest of Season Five.