by GiantMosquito

There are many versions of our fair Derpy; Ditzy Doo, Bubbles, Bright Eyes… to name a few. It would be impossible to describe every different version of Derpy’s personality and character from all the fanon and headcanon that had been accumulated.

by Tess

Granted, yes most of these are utilized in fan fiction, but a lot of art and comics use these too. Note that most of the time, these overlap or run together a bit. There are common factors between all of them at times, with Dinky being her child and Carrot Top being her best friend.

  •  Space Case Derpy: She’s gone man, muffins and derp is all she knows. 
  • Loving Mother Derpy 1: Mother to Dinky, she has an eye disability she was born with and she hates that her little muffin gets made fun of for her problems. Works as a mailmare normally.
  • Loving Mother Derpy 2: The eye problem is just the tip of the iceberg, she loves Dinky like no other, but she is just not fit to take care of a child, there is a fic that depicts foal services coming to take Dinky away because of this (if you find it, bring a box of tissues)
  • Mailmare Ditzy Doo: She is a (mostly) normal pony in the villiage of Ponyville, her eye is a condition and she really likes muffins, delivering packages and making other ponies happy by bringing good news. She still gets a little trouble from the kids for her eye problems and she has her brainfart moments a little more than other ponies (like going north for the southern birds). 
  • Idiot Savant Derpy: She is dumb, but she does it in all the right places and gets away with it like it was the right thing to do. 

There are obviously more, but lets get into discussing Canon Derpy.

My source detector is busted, if this is yours, please claim it!

So, with the new season and about the second half of season one, the guys running the show decided to add our fair Derpy into the series, incorporating a couple ideas that they liked. None of this is confirmed, mind you. Just a little speculation based on screencaps and the like.

To me, it seems that Ditzy Doo is what popped out. She just seems to make some mistakes, like pulling the plug on the bobbing for apples basin… and dropping a half ton of stuff from a moving van onto unsuspecting stalker unicorns. So far, no mailmare. But Carrot top was there in Luna Eclipsed with her, judging by her facial expressions, she’s been with Derpy’s shenanigans for a while now and has accepted it. But Derpy was also wearing paper grocery bags for her costume.

by Mallary

Reading too much into facial expressions aside, we obviously need a little more to go on than that to make a solid decision. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

  • Anonymous

    I really do think that Derpy is a little off…but not a total retard. Only time will tell…This entire post was very interesting, and no matter what happens to the character, Derpy will always be best pony!

  • Pacce

    Derpy always has been whatever you want her to be. That is her magic.

  • Pacce

    Although I will say this, Derpy Hooves is her name to me without question. When she was "found" she was named Derpy Hooves and it's what the staff called her. Lauren said she CAN be Ditzy Doo or she can be Derpy. It's all personal preference.

    To me, she is a dedicated Mailmare with an eye condition and a mind that wanders from topic to topic in no specific order, but she's not dumb in any way. Nothing ever keeps her down, but sometimes she does wish folks would get to know her before writing her off because of her appearance.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to point out that Derpy has shown the ability to attend various social gatherings without fail, this would indicate to me that she does not suffer from any sort of navigational difficulties.
    And with the difficulty of acquiring tickets to the gala it seems unlikely that a pony of low intelligence or social standing would allowed in, and invited to the sectioned off area for the wounder bolts on top of that.

    Too each their own, but I don't believe the available information supports the less flattering portrayals

  • Anonymous

    One thing that I would like to point out, is that in Nightmare Night, Derpy is depicted with Carrot Top as we know. However, later in the episode, shortly after Luna storms off in anger and all the children are crying in town, we see Carrot Top and Dinky together, as though they know each other fairly well.

    On its own this doesn't mean much, but since the friendship of Derpy and Carrot is now pretty much canon, this implies Dinky Hooves is canon as well.

  • ShadowTani

    @Anon Even if the friendship with Carrot Top looks like it's cannon it doesn't mean Dinky is cannon yet. You don't paste a whole word if you just copy/cut one letter.

    Regardless, I must say I really would like Dinky to become cannon too though.