First Synopsis for Episode “The Prisoner”

Nick and More has published the latest press release on Disney Channel’s programming highlights for October. Apart from the synopsis for “The Pet,” which we posted a few weeks ago, it also contains a synopsis for the episode “The Prisoner,” of which we had only known the title.

[Friday, October 11, 2013] 9:00 p.m. Wander Over Yonder “The Prisoner”
When Wander gets loose aboard Hater’s ship and causes havoc, Commander Peepers must stop him before Lord Hater finds out.

It would seem that this is also the episode that was mentioned in a recent interview with Craig McCracken!

In another, Wander agrees to deliver a package for someone and becomes consumed with curiosity about what it contains. Yet another episode will take us inside Lord Hater’s vast, skull-shaped ship (which McCracken describes as “what a 14-year-old would want the Death Star to be”) when Wander is taken prisoner and then escapes, to the extreme chagrin of Hater’s lead henchman, Peepers.

If you find mention of it in any of the other recent interviews, please leave me a hint in a comment below, so I can add a link.

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