Tomorrow is the 2012 TIA Toy Fair in New York City, the yearly toy convention where the big dogs reveal their new stuff for the year, and of course the smaller and more indie companies show off what they’ve created, in hopes someone will buy into their product. For toy collectors and such this is probably a big deal, as I’m sure outside our pony world the other fandoms and groups will get to see their new projects.

The My Little Pony Facebook has posted a picture revealing this years ponies (there could be more as I’d call this more of a preview). The most notable is the fact that Celestia is now white, which means Hasbro listened to the fans who had complained about the fact that she was pink. (See Hasbro Q&A, in which a collector states that she paid someone $100 to paint her pink Celestia white). Also of course we see DJ Pon-3, Nightmare Moon and Zecora within the group. As stated from their facebook page:

A pearlescent white Princess Celestia, a glow-in-the-dark Zecora, and a collection of fan favorites including DJ Pon-3 and Nightmare Moon – looks like your pony collection is about to get 20% cooler! Here’s your first look at some magical new pony friends, coming exclusively to Toys ”R” Us this fall.

Outside of Celestia (who has the talking function, which hopefully they added something more than look at meh wings) the rest are your general brushable figures. For some odd reason Zecora glows in the dark.

We will be keeping our ears open tomorrow and Monday just in case something new is also revealed.


Save the date, pony fans! There is a royal wedding coming to Equestria, and you won’t want to miss this magical moment between Princess Cadance and Shining Armor!

[Source: MLP Facebook]

  • Daisymare

    Trixie was named Trixie in the show so she will be named trixie and Zecora is her name in the show so she’ll get to keep that name. Vinyl is a bit more tricky. She was called DJ Pon-3 on a Hub made Promo so I’m guessing that’s the name she will get.

  • Present Perfect

    Oh my god I will buy all of these.


    Seriously, this is the greatest fandom news ever!

  • Supertide

    The molds are still the same but I’m happy to see they fixed Celestia and they are willing to release fan favorites.

  • anon

    I’m excited for the male pony mold! :D Hopefully they’ll start releasing a lot: I don’t wanna have to buy a ton of the royal wedding sets for custom bait… >.>

    Also, Princess Cadence seems to be a new mold…? I wonder if she’s still the same size as the other brushables?

  • Anonymous

    Hasbro, Y U NO:
    Screw Loose
    Big Macintosh

    Do they not know the real fan favorites?

    • Daymare

      Excuse me sir, they included Vinyl, as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the releases could’ve all been Strawberry Shortcake

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