Toy Fair 2013 isn’t until February, but a catalogue talking about the toys within has been leaked and is available to see online. You can check it out yourself at the source link (excellent if you collect other toys, too), but all things pony will be covered here.

Page 65 shows the Crystal Empire logo, a ballet dress with Rainbow Dash on it, and a girl playing with a castle playset.

The playset is further shown on page 211. It says, oddly, that Crystal Empire will launch in 2013, but we’ve been seeing it since this summer. “The brand is set to continue within most major licensing categories,” it says, referring to MLP.

More after the page break.

Of course, we’re interested in that playset.

That’s a new castle (with some reused accessories) and that’s a winged Twilight Sparkle. She has wings, a plasti dress, and very long legs, with a foreleg bent as if walking. This is clearly a new mold, and one more nail in the alicorn Twilight debate.

Page 214 also mentions that John Adams crafts will have some MLP kits in 2013, including glitter cutie markets, a trinket box, a “scratch and sparkle set,” a paint and style pony and “Fuzzy Felt.”

More information will come out once the fair starts up in February 10-13.

Special thanks to Doc for helping me go through this big file.

[Source: Yudu]

  • GT

    Are we positive that isn’t Cadance instead of Twilight?

    • I…I think it’s too purple to not be Twilight.

    • It could be Cadence.

    • stewi0001

      element of Harmony crown

  • You sure that is Twilight?

  • Anonymous

    I really, really hope that’s Cadence and not Twilicorn…

  • Anonymous

    I’m baffled at how people can continue to go “LA LA LA I DIDN’T HEAR YOU” after the giant EU poster, the old photo of the toys, the stickers, the massive hint-dropping of the Hub promos + “Princess Coronation” event, and now these images.

    • anon36426

      Because a random banner in poster is not canon evidence. “The stickers” you mean ONE sticker surrounded by non-Alicorn stickers. And “true destiny” is not “massive hint dropping” at anything in specific.

        • anon36426

          >no counterargument
          >claim opponent is in denial

          you got me there, bro

          • Were you automatically notified of my reply, or did you have to revisit this page to see it? Because I had to revisit this page. You are in denial of something that there has already been lots of evidence that Twilight will have wings in the future, at least in toys, and very likely in the show, probably temporarily. As “Anonymous” said, you are the one going “LA LA LA I DIDN’T HEAR YOU”.

        • Anonymous

          While it’s true that people on the Internet use “Denial” a lot I have to agree with the other asshole. It’s pretty obvious Alitwi is gonna happen but don’t think this means that it will be permanent or whatever. The sooner you accept that the better.

          • So who are the two assholes, according to you?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just stickers. There were a number of winged Twilight plushies visible in a photo of the Funrise toys office that was released last year. Seen here, especially the one in the upper left corner:

    • I’m baffled at how people can judge storylines that, if they are going to happen, haven’t even aired yet.

      • Anonymous

        First, look back at the obvious and clumsy interferences we’ve already seen from Hasbro marketing in the show’s recent history. Then look up “interpolation.” Finding patterns and applying them is something a developed brain tends to do.

        • A developed brain would have understood that my statement was not “I don’t think Alicorn Twilight will happen”, it was “No one outside of Hasbro and the animation studio has even seen the upcoming episodes, so they’re in no position to judge anything about the quality of upcoming storylines”.

  • Sparksol

    I get the feeling some people haven’t seen the actual toys. That looks just like most of the Princess Luna toys.

    • Pineapple

      Luna is a bluer shade of purple and has blue and purple striped hair, if it’s not Twilight it’s the winner of the Royal Canterlot Twilight Sparkle Look-A-Like Contest for Alicorns Only.

  • Anonymous





  • pfft… twilicorn :rolleyes:

  • BND

    I’ll be the odd one out and say, the Nerf gun was the first thing that grabbed my attention XP (I’ve been collecting them for a while)

  • Anonymous

    Im constantly surprised at how people are so quick to take that reddit rumor seriously. Twilight alicorn had poped up a while before this rumor. Lack of Derpy was already being discussed before the rumor had surfaced and season 4 is an easy guess. Why take a rumor of questionable origin that seemed to be written merely to incite panic and anger seriously.

    Also isnt there a baby alicorn baby toy named skyla? Why isnt any one panicing over that being in the show?

    • NoTorso

      I think the reason Skyla isn’t a big issue is because she’s not a major change to a main character. It seems likely she’s going to be Cadance and Shining Armor’s daughter, which doesn’t come off as a big deal; an alicorn having an alicorn child makes sense.

      As for the reddit rumor, there’s been a fair bit of evidence to support it; that poster from a while back (remember, we saw Cadance in a similar poster before her and Shining Armor’s confirmation), the stickers in an official book, and now this. Lets be honest: whether we like it or not it’s going to happen. The question is if it’ll be a permanent change, a one shot change, or something she changes when she needs it (like using the Elements).

      As an aside, I’ve been really disappointed in whoever posted that information on reddit; it was really unprofessional to put something like that out there, especially when they probably knew it would rile up our admittedly prone-to-panic fanbase.

      • Anonymous

        As I said the in the post almost all the evidence was available before the rumor was posted. That plus the unprofessional nature of the post should rise at the very least extraordinary doubt as to its validity. Note that no real great unknown info was conveyed in this rumor. In fact one has to wonder why this poster didn’t specify the season four atrocity he/she mentioned. You already broke your NDA poster, why stop now? Could it be that this poster had nothing to do with the production team and merely hijacked already available info to cause panic. Seems likely.

        Regardless of weather Alicorn Twilight happens or not, or the evidence at this point. It stands to logical reason that the reddit post was most likely fake. Its unprofessional nature and panic mongering are not the behavior of one who works in the industry.

        The production staff are clearly excited to present their work to us. If im not mistaken MA Larson expressed how he was looking forward to us seeing the finale which he wrote. Why take a dubios reddit post over the geniune post of the staff. Staff who consistantly like to tease us with little snipets. Staff who constantly engage with us and express excitement in their work and the fact they have an audience. We should calm the F down and enjoy the show.

        • NoTorso

          Your last sentence sums this whole mess up quite nicely.

  • Anonymous

    I am so over people freaking out about this. Why don’t we just wait and see what actually happens on the show? Because, you know, the toys have ALWAYS been show accurate :P

    • Anonymous

      For the record, I’m not gonna start freaking out until Applejack starts driving a pink truck with a cardboard cutout of Twilight in the backseat.

      • Digo Dragon

        Off the record, that might be kinda cool. :D

    • Anonymous

      Yes, let’s all listen to the soothing words of Baghdad Bob here. There is nothing to worry about, Hasbro isn’t shitting all over canon yet again, surely it’ll all be fine if we just relax.

      • What canon is this, exactly, Tokyo Rose?

        The alicorns who we, the viewers, still don’t have the slightest clue about backstory or metaphysics?

      • Anonymous

        Okay, go back to the EqD comments section where you belong :P