Tumblr Digest #05

Time for another Tumblr Digest, we are attempting to make these weekly along with several other articles, but lets just say this was due out Monday. Time is money, and we all can’t sit at home 24/7 and pony. Since I do see a lot of people searching out the older tumblr posts, I’ve put together a quick table that links back to those articles, and what Tumblrs we have covered. I also see Equestria Daily had somewhat jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon, though it was more just a picture and link show. I think they plan on more and I’m waiting to see how long their “no gore no porn” rule goes. Some of these Tumblrs can be described as hardcore in either genre, and then sometimes you get one with many pages of SFW, and then one post that isn’t. Either way, that’s why I review all of these (and follow them in general).


First up on the block is Dan Versus Friendship is Magic, a crossover idea that seems to be quite popular (I see someone else did a video, haven’t looked so no idea if its related to this or not). This Tumblr is ran by local /co/ artist Fluffy, and is following Dan suddenly finding himself in the world of ponies. Its somewhat new, so the story has only just begun, but so far I feel its captured the characters from both shows well. (If you haven’t watched Dan Vs. on The Hub or anywhere, I do suggest giving it a whirl).

So far this Tumblr is sporting a SFW flag, and is being updated roughly once a week with one or two strips per update.

Tiara Lost

Tiara Lost is the new kid on the block, launching in the past few days. Its being ran by resident irchighway animator vrex aka dx11 who has done some good flash work in the past several months (many of the pony driving cars stuff, etc). Tiara Lost obviously follows Tiara, who apparently has become lost. Much like Moonstuck, this is a “commander” tumblr where people send in commands for Tiara. Its also done in the style of an 8 bit game (or is that 16 bit?). There are already 5 or more posts, so far Tiara is lost in some weird wooded area, unable to light a fire, and currently hanging off a cliff.

Tiara Lost gets a SFW and is being updated quite frequently.

Ask Human Luna

I haven’t dug too deep into this one, I yelled out onto the news floor if anyone wanted to recommend a Tumblr and I got this. Obviously by the name it follows a human version of Luna in a human world. The artwork caught my eye, as a fair share of work has obviously gone into the these posts. What really caught my eye is the fact human Luna just took a train ride to “Tumblrville”, walking into some strange forest and suddenly seeing some of the other Tumblr ponies. The picture above sets the scene, trees with portals to the other Tumblr worlds. This was the most recent update, so possible epic story is about to begin.

Ask Human Luna gets a soft “sfw”, I saw at least one post that would probably make your boss raise his eyebrow (but then again, looking at any pony tumblr at work would probably get that response). There’s one picture censored nudity in the back pages and that’s it.

Ask CoffeeBean

Ask Coffee Bean is our final tumblr for this edition, and follows obviously named pony Coffee Bean. Its another Tumblr that has just roughly got into the racket and so far has no major story, except for her horn being stolen by a Cupcake version of Pinkie (and then reattached by a normal Pinkie Pie). CoffeeBean is an artist and like most artists, you must drink coffee and smoke, cause its cool (disclaimer: smoking may not make you cool). What I like is the rough art style, looks like sketches on brown paper towels or something.

Updates about once a week, and is SFW.

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  • Ask Berry Pnuch
  • Ask Berry Punch
  • Ask the Diamond Dogs
  • Ask DJ P0n3
  • Ask Mayor Mare
  • Ask Jappleack
  • Ask MLPChubbies
  • Ask Stalkerloo
  • Moonstuck
  • Ask Ipsywitch
  • Ask Pyroshy
  • Ask Loony Luna
  • Ask Pinkie Pie Solutions
  • Ask Surprise
  • Ask the Construction Pony
  • Coffee Bean is very dear to me as you know. Both Pinkies were rather Cupcakes-esque, but the first one had the curly hair and the second one the straight hair. This may be important as the story unravels. :-)

  • Actually I know whats going on with the double Pinkie Pie in Coffeebean’s tumblr.

    Curly Haired Pinkie I think is the one from a story called Severance (of Friendship) that came out after Cupcakes, in that I think Pinkie ends up making a coat from everyone’s cutie marks and a necklace made of horns.

    Straight Haired Pinkie is the so called “Cupcake” version that Party Of One and so on.

    So in short, Coffeebean is in Tumblrville (as I shall call that universe now).