Tumblr Digest #06

Ask The Darkest Apple Core

Now I wouldn’t exactly call this grimdark, despite that being the general name via site address (ask grimdark bigmac), probably the original intention since its drawn in those dark shades of red that seem to come with grimdark tumblrs, but somewhere it kind of went with its own thing. Ask the Darkest Apple follows a somewhat grimdark Big Mac, who is more cute than deadly. Big Mac general answers questions in a shy manor, and can be quite evil at times. And like most Big Macs after Lesson Zero, has a Smartypants doll he quite loves.

Updates are very often and in general is SFW.






Clearly, a dark history presents itself.

Ask Smarty Belle

Ask Smarty Belle follows a super charged smart Sweete Belle who does the usual tumblr job of answering people’s questions. The tumblr is currently kind of on hiatus, its ran by the artist Megasweet who has tons of projects going on, the last update was New Years and promises more Smarty Belle entries. Its worth reading through the backlog as its not overly long.

Smarty Belle updates infrequently, but is generally SFW.





Ask Doctor Colgate

Ah, the toothpaste pony of many names. Ask Dr. Colgate of course follows the exploits of Colgate in the obvious job of being the dentist of Ponyville (or I guess Tumblrville as its getting to be called). The only catch is she’s not an educated one (but seems to get laughing gas on a regular basis).

Updates are semi-frequent and the tumblr gets a NSFW though its pretty safe. Namely a little blood, and some sexual humor. Personally I really don’t know what is considered NSFW and SFW, I’ve always worked industrial jobs where this stuff just doesn’t apply.




Ask The MLP General

Last on our block tonight is Ask the MLP General marker tumblr. First off for you guys who have never been to /co/, there is an image (the general marker) that gets posted in every “official” pony thread. This allows people to easily find the thread, while also recording it into the archives (ran by FimChan). Someone decided to make a tumblr which starts the marker, and the basic function of asking the MLPGs something.

I’ll just say, you probably should be from /co/ to enjoy this, otherwise you’ll find some of the jokes offensive, or just have no clue what the joke is about. It gives me plenty of laughs late at night when I’m bored.

Updates are frequent and this is definitely a NSFW tumblr.




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