Vinyl Figure added to We Love Fine

wlffiguresThe Derpy figure on sale at SDCC is no longer alone.

She’s now joined by a DJ Vinyl Scratch figure. Both were designed by Sajira, from the Mighty Fine artists program. Vinyl’s figure is limited to 600 units and is available for purchase for $20 when customers buy two or more MLP products.

Vinyl counts as one of the “achievements” freebies that you can “unlock” by placing certain items in your shopping cart. Any two MLP shirts, hoodies, bags or art prints allows her achievement to be unlocked, but unlike other achievements, you still need to pay for her.

The Derpy figure will remain a con-exclusive, where she’s available for purchase when you buy other WLF items, just like at SDCC.

You can check out the Vinyl product page here.


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