Just Married in the Moonlight by ~Jrenon

In the last day or so an interview has cropped up with Andrew Francis, voice actor behind Shining Armor and of course Braeburn. The interview was conducted by the Trevor Devall Show, voice of the animated people.  I haven’t had the time personally to listen in on the show, but it seems there was a lot of talk, according to Mr. Francis himself. The show is wrapped up in podcast form, which can be downloaded here, or you can go over to the Trevor Devall page to use their media player. As usual we’ll attempt to get some notes.


  • Buddy

    So that’s what the Trevor’s studio looks like.
    Anyway, here’s something you could add to the notes; if Andrew Francis is correct and hasn’t mixed up the order of his episodes, Shining Armor was originally supposed to appear in the season premiere.

  • Adam

    Bout time Voiceprint go in on some of the bronyness. My favorite podcast by far! TREVOR! Y U NO UPDATE OFTEN?