Weekend ScratchUp #2

It’s a three-day weekend, it still counts.

I really think DJ Alex took the [cup]cake this go round. Salacious ear candy after the jump.

daks – Giggle at the Ghosties (daks Remix)
Alex S. – Party With Pinkie
Eurobeat Brony – Super Ponybeat — Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix)
General Mumble – Cotoponi (The Mars Volta – “Cotopaxi” cover)
AcousticBrony – Spectrum (Rainbow Dash’s Theme) [Original] /)^3^(\
AcousticBrony – Balladshy (Fluttershy’s Theme) [Original] (Feat. Frederic Horseshoepin)
AcousticBrony – Crepuscularity (Twilight Sparkle’s Theme) [Original]
AcousticBrony – La Couturière (Rarity’s Theme) [Original] (Feat. Octavia, Lyra and DJ Pon-3)
VanillaNapoleon – My Little Pony (Emm Ell Pees) vs Bee Gees – Gala Night Fever
Omnivore – Soarin’ Through the Ice (WWU Mix) – Pony Trance
Winter Jazz Up

And something that I’m not sure what to make of.

Full Playlist

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    I approve of Weekend ScratchUp.