Weekend ScratchUp #3

This week we got a whole album from General Mumble, more from Chain Algorithm, daks (finally) and this guy taps, who just showed up.
Also, Alex S remastered Party With Pinkie twice and removed it twice. must be making it cooler in 20% increments :v

ALBUM: General Mumble – CLOP /​)​^​3​^​(​\

  Rainbow Flight Ft. Fluttershy
  taps – What Is This Place?
  taps – MLP RMX

  At The Gala (20% Cooler Remix)
  Art of the Dress (Trance Dance Remix)
  Equestria Girls (House Remix)
  Hush Now, Quiet Now (Chillax Remix)
  Evil Enchantress (Electro House Remix)

daks – Giggle at the Ghosties (daks Remix)
Knoedelsn – Giggle at the Ghostie (Knoedels House Remix)
AbranteDr – “You do that thing” Pinkie pie mix
DrDissonance1 – Art of the Industry (Rarity IS Industry)
KeepOnRockin’ – Pinkie Pie’s Party Anthem
DJ Squirrel – BronyMix 1 – My Little Pony Raving is Magic
 ▲30-minute rave set. Puts a rave spin on some other popular pony music. Look in the description for the listing.
ClaireAnneCarr – Winter Wrap up Rock!
ClaireAnneCarr – Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (Hard Rock Cover)
 ▲This guy probably has the best-executed rock covers made yet. Just wish he’d release some instrumentals.
Chain Algorithm – To Prove (Rainbow Dash At the Gala Mix)
Johngotti – Xtended Wrap Up – MLP:FIM Remix
FlutterShine – FiM Mix ~FNG~

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